YouTube Vs Tiktok | Full story Explained

Everyone was thinking that World War 3 would be for water. But here people changed the topic. Now this fight has started between two apps. I am using World War word only as a joke, so do not take it seriously. I will tell you about how this fight started and whether this battle of Youtube vs Tiktok is justified or not you can guess it yourself.

The community of these two apps is very large, that’s why this fight has become so much about it. YouTube’s community is very much from Tiktok and many people are supporting it as well. In the middle of this, there are many memes are also being created. People are also enjoying it. This is not a battle in which there has been any loss, but rather people from both sides are coming forward with their points.

Youtube vs Tiktok beginning

It started with a Youtuber that did not make any kind of roasting videos. I did not want to mention the name, but let me tell you the name of that Youtuber is Elvish Yadav. He made a roast video on Tiktokers. This provoked these people. This is not the only reason, but since long ago, the Youtubers had been trolling these people on their exploits.

If you bother someone for a long time, then obviously he too will turn you back. So Aamir Siddiqui, the video creator of a TikTok, responded to Youtubers with his video. He explains that he too takes hard work in making videos and also gave some answers, but he made the biggest mistake that he uttered Youtubers.

After this, his video started going viral and also reached the people. When the video reached the YouTube creators, they trolled him back. Likewise, the battle became even bigger.

Carryminati’s video got deleted

Carriyminati, who is India’s biggest roster, roasted Aamir Siddiqui in his YouTube video. This video also broke a lot of records. The video became India’s most liked video. People were also liking it, everything was going well. Then YouTube removed that video from its platform without any solid reason.

People feel very sad when such a video is deleted. This caused more anger in the minds of the people and people started making memes on the TikTokers. Many large video creators began to support carryminati. Those who did not roast also started roasting the Tiktok platform.

This made this fight even bigger and is still going on. Some people believe that this video has been removed by mass reporting. Not only this one video was deleted and many other videos were deleted. Many videos of Elvish Yadav and Lakshya Chaudhary’s were also deleted. Many of the videos have returned. Just the video of Carriyminati has not back.

Deleting account Uninstalling Tiktok

It is very important to tell this thing because during Youtube vs Tiktok battle many people lose their followers to their followers. There are two people whom I know have lost many of their followers. One is “Hindustani Bhau” He has deleted his account by appearing in front of people in his live video. There is a YouTube channel “Technical Sagar”. He has also deleted his Tiktok account. They both had a lot of followers and both have deleted their accounts.


Not only this, but all other Youtubers have also uninstalled Tiktok from their mobile phones. Those whose phone was not installed Tiktok have installed and then uninstalled this app. There is a YouTuber, the world’s largest technology channel, “Technical Guru” also from India. He also put a video on YouTube, in which he uninstalls Tiktok from his many phones throughout the video. After all this he also applied a sanitizer on his hands.

Falling down TikTok rating

If all this did not fill the mind of the people, then people chose their purpose. People went and started giving Tiktok a one-star rating on the play store. One star rating is the worst rating. TikTok’s rating has dropped from 4.5 ratings to 1.3 ratings in just three days. By this you can understand how much people hate this app. Tiktok Lite is an app that works in a small size. Its rating is worse than this. You can see it on Playstore.

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Youtube vs Tiktok Conclusion

Those who do this app are not happy with it. Creative content is not promoted on Tiktok. So people who make good videos are not getting that good support. Right now, many people are also agreeing to ban Tiktok in India, but Tiktok gives all his proof that he is not promoting anything wrong. So understand that this app will not be ban soon.

Also please give us your suggestion regarding both platforms, which platform you like to watch content and Videos. Government of India is banning tiktok in some days.

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