why is my youtube video 360p?

why is my youtube video 360p? I know that many creators are facing this problem their YouTube videos are uploading in 360p Quality.

My name is harsh so today we will talk about why my Youtube Video is uploading in 360p?

What is the actual reason? This is not a bug or any fault by YouTube, the problem is when we shoot our video by Camera or any other software,

We do not set the video quality to 480p or 720p, Nowadays YouTube video quality using in 1080p which looks awesome while watching.

why is my youtube video 360p?

If you are a YouTube creator you have to do many things before uploading a single video on YouTube.

why is my youtube video 360p?

In this Image, You can see that the video quality is automatically set to 360 because it depends on the Users Internet connection.

In the Video Image, 5 types of Qualities are available to watch, 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p because the creator has exported this Video in High Resolution.

Do many beginner creators say that why my YouTube video is uploading in 360p?

Taking an Example;

I am a creator I want to upload a video on my YouTube channel so before uploading the video first I have to check the quality of my video.

why is my youtube video 360p?

I use Kine master to edit my videos here you can see that here many resolutions and Qualities are showing up.

The bitrate rate is coming by increasing the bitrate rate the video size will start increasing and the pixels will start improving.

Each software has its systems to change the bitrate and resolutions or pixels.

Beginners did not know that they are doing many mistakes because of earning money, low video pixels did not attract new subscribers and users.

After doing all things if your video is still appearing in 360p Pixels so you have to watch your video on another phone because YouTube is changing its policies day by day.

Update YouTube app on Google play store to see better results.

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