WHAT IS N440K? New Virus Strain

WHAT IS N440K? New Virus Strain


It is a new Virus Strain Which is known as N440K, WHAT IS N440K? New Virus Strain

As we know India is now the most affected region by the covid-19 disease, after Maharashtra and Bengal now Andhra Pradesh reported the deadliest covid-19 strain. CCMB has discovered this new strain in Andhra Pradesh which is known as ‘ N440K’. This is 15 times deadlier than the second wave of coronavirus.

WHAT IS N440K? New Virus Strain

‘ N440K’ is spreading quickly in Andhra Pradesh. As per the report, state borders are sealed.  And an emergency high alert issued in public health,  in Andhra Pradesh.


There is no need for people to panic over the reports that the N440K variant of Covid-19 is more dangerous than other variants of coronavirus said, experts.

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people are advised  strictly to Covid Appropriate Behaviour like

  • wearing mask
  •  maintaining physical distance
  • personal hygiene and proper sanitation 


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