What is Digital Marketing? Fully explained!!

digital marketing fully explained

Digital marketing is one of the most used way to make money online from home, Its easy for those people who know about it..  But Its not simple You should need to Set your Complete focus to make money in this platform.

We will Cover all topics and know About Digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Doing Sells and making money from home online Digitally is called digital marketing.

In Other Words we can say that, Working and giving products and services to our clients online is called digital Marketing.

If we are working in a YouTube channel and making money through website monetization , application development, Providing our best to the customers These things are also evolved in this Platform.

Ways to Make money in digital Marketing -:

There is a perfect way to make money in digital marketing platform without doing any mistakes.

Affiliate marketing And Blogging 

Now let’s talk about How many ways to make money in digital marketing ?

  1. Publisher Programmes
  2. Selling Services
  3. Sponsorship
  4. Opening a Agency

These are the top 4 ways to make money online in digital marketing, i am sure that after knowing all the 4 ways properly in a right proportion you will be able to earn money easily.

1. Publisher Programmes 

What is Publisher Programmes?

Those programmes which are made for showing ads on publishers website and help to remove financial problems for developer’s and Web designers are called publisher programmes.

How many Types of Publisher Programmes?

Ans:- There are only single type of Publishers programme to earn Money from our Content.

How They Work?

We are explaining how publishers programmes give us money and how they works?

Example:-  I am a advertiser i have a hosting website i sells hosting for websites,i want to increase my business sales to make more money, I am going to a advertising programme and i am giving money to run my ads on people’s websites like YouTube and google and other products.

So they will take money from Advertisers and give some amount to the publisher in the name of money.

There are lots of advertising programmes.

What is the Best Advertising programmes?

Like we have telled you in this 2020 competition many programmes are available in this market But we recommend you to Choose.

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Facebook Advertising

Because these are the two major and most used programmes and it gives 95% profit in our Ads and marketing Sales.

How to make money with publisher programmes?

Yes Good Question!! we can earn money by showing Google Adsense ads in our website or Youtube channel and also Android mobile applications.

Which have More profit?

By our team’s experience Android application has most of the profit rather than a Website or Youtube channel.

Why youtube and website has less profit?

youtube and websites, blogs has less profit because In youtube we need subscribers and Watchtime it takes more than a year to take success in youtube.

In website We earn less money because We need More visitors and Giving regular content, After this we should need High Cpc ads to make extra revenue.

What is High Cpc ads?

CPC prefers to Cost per click most of the websites give CPM cost per impression, Most of the CPC ads are foreign country ads united states Germany canada, or High cpc ads are Loan ads Gold and silver ads Etc.

So android apps is good to earn more revenue because We need to publish it on google play store, of we build a  helpful app for Users so definitely You will earn 90% revenue From google admob and Facebook developers account.

2. Selling Services

By Giving and selling your services, Example Writing content for blogs and websites, Building a website for your client and customer, Taking money from it These are called selling services.

But doing This you should have certificate or take 1 or 2 years of experience to work properly.

How i Find Clients? 

Yes many Experienced people’s are facing problem because they are not  getting a client to give their services.

So simply you should need to Join freelancing websites example:- Fiverr. or you can join facebook pages and groups too.

3. Sponsorships

Sponsorship is the one of the best way to earn money simply because, you should not do more hardwork, if you have a good website, app, Youtube channel which have good visitors , You will get an sponsorship easily.

How To get sponsorship?

It’s not easy to find a sponsorship if you are popular creator You will get it automatically, If you are not popular you should need to mail big companies and websites to take sponsorship.

In starting you will get short products and some money making apps to promote in just 500₹ – 1000₹.

4. Opening A Agency

Please don’t try this option if you have small investment,  because opening a digital marketing agency to provide huge services, It needs big investment and Developer’s team.

You also need Certificate and GSTIN Number to attract more clients because without GST number your clients will not believe you have a digital marketing privated limited company.

You also need a current account to receive any amount from your clients, you should need to build foreign countries clients to increase your business rank, Providing 24/7 dedicated support. Don’t loose your Goodwill and responsibilities.


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