Ways to Make money With Android app

make money with your android app

Android app building is a best way to increase your social fan following and get external traffic easily.

If you don’t know about anything in Android apps development Check out this to get more information about app development.

Android app development 2020

if you have a android app and you are thinking to make money fast with your app so you are on the right path, in this post we will clear your doubts regarding ;

Ways to Make money With Android app

There are alot of ways to start making money online with your application.

The money you will earn it depends on your app installations it means,  how many people installed your app? 

  1. Publishers Programmes
  2. Sponsorships
  3. Forward Traffic
  4. Affiliates marketing
  5. In app Purchases
  6. Paid app
  7. Sell and Collect Data

These are the Top 6 Ways to make more money with your own app.

1. Publisher Programmes

Publisher programmes is also run on websites to earn money. But do you know?  we can earn money by Showing ads on our App,.

In previous Time Ad shows in our application, but in 2020 it needs a google play developer console account.

How to show ads on Our App?

Google launches admob programme to show ads on your app, But you should need to follow Policy guidelines & requirements.

How many Types of ads are available in Admob? 

There are 4 Types of ads available on google admob, Native ads, Rewarded Video Ads, Banner ads, & Interstitial ads.

How to make more money with Admob

If you want to earn more money and Get more CPC, So you need to Build a Better app that provides or Help people’s in their work, So you will get more downloads / Installations on your application.

How many Publishers programmes run in My App? 

There are many android app application publishing programmes, serve you ads.

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Example:- Facebook For Developers , Ad colony, Start App, Unity Ads and More.

You can use 2-3 publishers programmes in your app but keep in mind, if you are using admob so don’t use any other programme if you use by mistake, Your account will be terminated or Suspended, Your revenue will be gone in some time.

2. Sponsorships 

In every earning money topic we also say one thing to make money easily that is Sponsoring , Sponsorships products or services.

If your app reaches more than 10K + Downloads you can start sponsoring Products. if you don’t have any sponsorships you can add your own Site Ads.

3. Forward Traffic

In third point we’ve seen that to add and promote our any other apps and services like youtube channel and start, Referral Traffic and make money.

4. Affiliate Marketing 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon and flipkart products can be added in your app, you need to Give products and Any commission ads so any user will buy anything you will earn money definitely, you can add hosting sites and Ask any developer to promote their apps in your app, You can take charge according to your Users.

5. In app Purchases 

If you are planning to build a Helpful app and you are investing more money , and thinking to publish on Google play store.

What is In app Purchases?

In app purchases means such as :- adding premium services in your app, so users can Buy services and you will earn money.

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6. Paid App

If you are investing money and you ve adsed In app purchases and you want to make more money, So play store give you features to make your app paid and Adding a price, so anyone wants to download the app, So he/she need to pay the money before downloading.

7. Selling and Collecting Data

When you are making a awesome app and you are adding Login/Register option, So user have to fill up information, when they fill any type of information, Data Will be added in your admin panel OR Database.

You can use that data Use Bulk Sms service to grow your audience in other apps.

This technique includes email marketing, You need to fill email in popup boxes and collect them to increase your revenue and Traffic.

Final Conclusion Ways to Make money With Android app

We ve Cleared all your doubts regarding ways to make money with Android app ,  These steps will help you to grow in your Android application development field.

There are many more ways and monetizing platforms are available to increase your revenue More than 65%. If you use all those ways you can earn upto 10,000$ Per month.

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