Top 3 Flexible Part Time Jobs to Earn 12,000 Per month

There are too many things available to learn, After learning then you Should Remove ‘L’.

It means after learning you can earn money from it.

So here we are telling you Top 3 Flexible Part Time Jobs to Earn 12,000 Per month, not only 12,000 you can earn more from these part time jobs.

So let’s know about these cool part time jobs to earn money easily.

Top 3 Flexible Part Time Jobs to Earn 12,000 Per month


So what is GMB? are you hearing GMB for first time, GMB refers to Google My Business, We’ve Seen the Google my business AD on TV.

Mostly my business is the best option to rank your firm easily by adding your business on Google Search Engines.

Top 3 Flexible Part Time Jobs to Earn 12,000 Per month

Many Firm Owners don’t know about these things because they don’t have time to understand it.

So you just have to reach the local shops in your area who want to increase their business reach.

You have to take Cash from Shop owners to add their business on Google, Example; If you are adding 10 Shops daily to ‘Google my business

and charging 200 Rs per shop you can easily make 2000 Rs per day it depends on you how much you can earn?

How is this possible?

Yes, it is possible if the shop owner knows about Google my business shop listing he will try to add because everyone wants to save money, but sometimes they do mistakes so their shops are not showing in Search Engines.

2) Making Website and Apps

Developing apps and websites especially for businesses so is the best opportunity to earn more money skillfully.

Top 3 Flexible Part Time Jobs to Earn 12,000 Per month

You just have to talk with the owners who are existing with a big business like Hotel booking, Marriage home, Industries and more.

Because they all want to increase their customers, If you know that how to make websites or apps you can charge a high amount according to Quality of content.


If Somebody search for any hotel booking or Marriage home booking website in Seasons so their Business will appear on google.

You have to learn first, that how to create apps or websites for a business?

there are many courses or YouTube videos that are available for this.

3) Host Commission 

What is the host Commission?

In a website, we use hosting to run it, we can also earn money with hosting commission.

Digital Marketing Fully Explained!!

The owner of Hosting will give you the commission of Each Client.

It is simple and easy to make money, especially it is best for a part-time job.

Hosting Like:- Eric host provides host affiliate services, not only Eric host many hosting companies that have an affiliate program, allows earning money.

If you don’t know what is Affiliate marketing? So read this article.

Affiliate Marketing and Blogging 

But all these things require Communication Skills and Selling Skills,

Without communication skills or Selling skills, you are unable to earn money with all these Jobs.

So here are the Top 3 Flexible Part-Time Jobs to Earn 12,000 Per month.

Not only 12,000 You can earn more than 12,000 rs if you will be perfect in these jobs you will start earning in Lakhs.


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