Top 10 android phone Charger in 2021

Top 10 android phone Charger in 2021

Top 10 android phone Charger in 2021

Top 10 android phone Charger in 2021

The charger is one of the most useful things for our android phones currently wireless chargers are also coming.

Wireless chargers and power banks are coming to charge the phone without any socket.

But today’s technology has changed. In 2021 we are showing you the Top 10 android phone Charger 2021 which will help you to charge your phone in a new way.

How to buy Top 10 android phone Charger in 2021?

All chargers images credit are given to their original source, We are using these pics only for a review.

You can buy all these chargers by looking on Amazon or any othe e-commerce site by searching their name.

There are many (probably millions) of different phone chargers on the market. From some popular brands like Samsung 45w, RAVPOWER, Samsung 15w, wireless charger, and many more. But which ones are the best for you to buy and use with your smartphone?

Here are some best USB Android phone charger


1) Anker PowerPort III Nano (20W) Port one: 20 W USB-C

Top 10 android phone Charger in 2021

This “android phone charger ” provides compatibility for Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches. Anker Nano is designed to provide the maximum charge speed.

Charge iPhone 12 and previous iPhone models up to 3× faster than with an original 5W Charger.

At 50% smaller than a standard iPhone 12 USB-C charger, Anker Nano provides plenty of power while saving space in your bag or while plugged into a wall outlet.

It provides high-speed charging to most flagship phones including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S20 as well as smartwatches and earbuds.

You will get a PowerPort III Nano charger (no cable included), This product is imported from the USA.


2) Aukey Omnia Mini 20W USB-C Charger (PA-B1) Port one: 20 W USB-C

Top 10 android phone Charger in 2021

The AUKEY Omnia Mini 20W USB C Charger is a little power brick. It has some nice curves that make it more attractive than the Apple bricks that come with your devices.

It’s a dedicated  USB-C adaptor that’s got 20 W power output and also supports PD and Quick Charge compatible devices. It has a 20 W power output that supports PD and Quick Charge devices

Nice and compact; fits everywhere. 


3) Samsung 25W PD Fast Power Adapter Android phone charger

Top 10 android phone Charger in 2021

Next-generation, future-proof fast charging technology, Its PD 3.0 charger provides you max 25W output power, It’s more powerful than the 18W charger on the market.

It’s safe charging technology by USB C Phone Plug wall adapter with intelligent chip automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging power for connected devices,

Mean fast charging with protecting battery life. Over-current, over-voltage and short-circuit protection effectively protect devices from damage and safer charging overnight.


4) Xiaomi Mi 18W Dual Port android charger

Top 10 android phone Charger in 2021

It has Qualcomm QC 3.0 Compatible,

Dual USB Ports, BIS Certified, and 380V Surge Protection.

Mi 18W Dual Port Charger is Qualcomm(QC3.0) certified and built with high-quality materials.

It has Dual USB out ports for ease of usage with multiple devices. The charger is powered by 360-degree protection.

It comes with 380V surge protection and also supports the universal voltage range of 100-240v.


5) OnePlus Warp Charge 65W

Top 10 android phone Charger in 2021

The OnePlus Warp Charge 65 Power Adapter is the fastest ever charging solution.

It’s smart too. Dedicated charging circuitry ensures efficient heat management and dissipation to keep the phone cool while charging.

Reliable and always fast, charging is safer to hardware safeguards, and software optimization.

OnePlus Warp Charge 65 Power Adapter never slows the device down, browse, and game while plugged in for the same always-fast and smooth performance from the device. 

Direct Charge technology delivers almost 100% efficiency at 65W output (6.5A at 10V).

Squeezing every drop of power, the versatile Warp Charge 65 Power Adapter also turbocharges compatible phones, tablets, and even laptops for a truly all-in-one fast charging solution.


6) Mi 27W Superfast Charger (SonicCharge Adapter)

Top 10 android phone Charger in 2021

Mi 27W Sonic Charge Adapter lets you charge your device very fast.

With 27W Sonic Charge Adapter is Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 certified.

This charger is BIS certified and has 10 layers of protection.

It is a good quality charger and the fastest technology which charges your phone quickly. It controls the temperature of the device and you can use your device even at the time of charging.


7) T3S Realme Vooc Charger

(Adapter with Type C USB Super Vooc )

The more durable connector, which makes plugging it in easier than ever. Plug it into your device to charge and sync.

Great as a replacement charger. So you can charge and sync your mobile phone.

The other end of the cable features a USB plug, compatible with your computer’s USB port or with a USB port- equipped wall or car chargers.

Using Flash Charge Mode with this cable is only for smartphones that support flash charging.

Current Rating will rise to above 5V 4amp in flash charge mode. when the cable is connected to any other android device it will be in normal mode and the output current will be 2Amp.

Having a low voltage will maintain the temperature of the battery while it is being charged and does not heat the device as much as other chargers.


8) Oraimo Firefly-2 5.0V/2.1A Dual USB Fast Wall Charger 

It provides 365 days’ quality warranty with friendly customer service. Dual-USB-Ports with Ultra-Powerful: 2 USB ports pump out 2.1A&10.5watts of power to charge two devices at full speed. (not for QC/ PE)

Smart-LED-Indicator which  Built-in LED smartly shows charging status. And high-gloss detailing and comfort grip.

 It provides surge protection, short circuit prevention, temperature control, and more to deliver unbeatable protection to devices.

9) Luxos USB C 20W Power Adapter 

Comprehensive Protection

Built-in smart chip multi-Protect safety system combines high-voltage protection, current regulation, temperature control, to keep the device safe. Power Delivery Charger 20W.

A future-proof fast charger for your devices with Power Compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 use with fast wireless charging pads and docks with USB c charging port.

10) Fuzion Plus 5V 2Amp Super Fast Charger 

Compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 use with fast wireless charging pads and docks with USB c charging port.

Fuzion Plus High-Quality Single Port 2.4 Amp Wall Charger

Adapter Charging device Input of AC 100-240V, and Output of DC 5V 2.4A, It’s ideal for travel. Internal protection mechanisms offer multiple Protection against short-circuiting. 

It’s small and lightweight, compact and easily portable, perfect for traveling. It contains an internal protection mechanism. Compatible with All Micro USB Devices.


If your phone is dead, you need one of the fastest “android phone chargers “, because you don’t have all day to top off the battery of your Android device. Fast chargers typically operate over the newer USB-C standard, which allows devices to charge up to 20 times faster.


Some of these “Android phone chargers” even to the Qi charging standard, allowing you to charge some devices wirelessly.

So here are the Top 10 android phone Charger in 2021 which will give you an amazing experience while charging your android device.

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