Srilankan Bus Simulator New Bus Simulator Game

Srilankan Bus Simulator New Bus Simulator Game:-

Srilankan bus simulator is a new bus simulator android game which is developed by Team Kodex.

This game is especially based on the environment and buses of Sri Lanka.

Srilankan Bus Simulator New Bus Simulator Game

Srilankan Bus Simulator New Bus Simulator Game

The publisher name is Kodex Srilanka,

A Srilankan driver has to complete his duty to take passengers from one place to another.

Also, there are many buses available to drive in this game, Buses look like Indian buses.

  • Dam Rajini
  • Dham Rajini
  • CTB Bus
  • Normal Bus
  • Vise kurutta

How to play Srilankan Bus Simulator?

Playing bus simulator SriLankan might be easy for players because this game doesn’t contain any more features like Mini Bus Simulator Vietnam.

Srilankan Bus Simulator New Bus Simulator Game

The level system is added to the game, more than 10+ levels select your bus and their routes to and enjoy the game.

According to the latest version, there are 2 Routes available.

  1. Mountains
  2. Roads

in mountains, you have to drive your bus carefully and keep in mind that passengers’ safety is in your hand.

Why it is a good game to play?

Srilankan Bus Simulator is an eye-catching game, After opening the game The driver of the bus will start speaking in the Srilankan language.

Sinhala, In the Indian language it is Tamil.

In this game Indian horns are added by the developers, in other words, we can say that This is another Indian game but the name has changed to the Srilankan bus simulator.

Sri Lanka is a neighborhood country besides India from (Nagappattinam to Colombo it is about 2443.2 KM.)

Are you ready to become a Srilankan bus driver?

It is the best Srilankan bus game rather than other low graphics games.

How to download the Sri Lankan Bus simulator?

Now it’s time to tell you how to download the Sri Lankan bus simulator on your Android phone?

We are giving you a direct link to download the Sri Lankan bus simulator from the google play store.

Direct Link:- Download

These are the all details and reviews about the Srilankan bus simulator, We can also say Bus simulator Srilanka.

If you have not joined the beta Yet, Just Install the game and join the beta version to get updates fastly.

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