Realme Wireless Buds Pro 2,999₹

We’re Using Earphones in our daily life while Traveling, or Going Some where but, In Local Headphones or Earphones Background noise problems Comes.

Realme Wireless Earphones Review

India’s Best Smartphone selling Brand Realme Comes with “Buds Wireless Pro” Earphones.

Turn on the music, Removes Background noise.

Realme Wireless Buds pro Review

Let’s take a review of these Wireless Bluetooth earphones.

  • Sony LDAC  Hi-Res Audio
  • Noise Cancellation up-to 35db
  • Transparency mode
  • 13.6mm Bass boost driver

Before Buying any Good Quality Earphones, we all don’t check it’s sound Quality but realme Done this work by giving the pure Certificate of Hi-res.

The Sony LDAC gives the experience to enjoy the high quality music, The latest Technology Bluetooth 5.0 reduces the power Consumption and increase the speed up to 990KB/PS.

Buds Classic Earphones 599₹ / 5$

What is Hi-Res?

It’s a Certificate Sign attached on those product which have Best Sound Quality.


— Noise Cancelling technology can’t work in some headphones or Air buds, Why i like realme Because!! They Test every small thing in their products.

Noise cancellation feature works up-to 35db (decibels measurement intensity of sound).

There is an option to active noise cancellation in wireless earphones pro,

Realme S1 Chip Quickly active Noise cancellation mode during phone calls.

When we are talking to someone while traveling too much noise background comes so it is perfect for Daily use.

 Transparency Mode

What is Transparency Mode?

Ans:- This mode which helps to hear natural Environmental Sounds We Can switch to transparency mode if we want to hear the world.

Example:- Suppose If you are going Picnic or hiking with your friends music is playing, By switching to transparency mode you are able to hear other Sounds.

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Bass boost Driver Wireless Buds PRO

The 13.6mm Bass boost driver Increase sound Volume Gives you best experience of it’s Quality anytime any where.

DBB (dynamic bass boost) Technology is added by the Realme Brand.

Suggestion By Technowlage“-

Don’t keep the volume full, High volume may damage your ears.


Important  Features to Know Wireless Buds Pro

The price Realme Wireless Buds Pro 2,999₹.

  • 100% Charge can give you 22 hours of playback music.
  • 5% Charge Gives playback up-to 100 minutes.
  • Energy Saving; Fast Charging.
  • It takes maximum 1.5 hours to charge.

Built For Gaming 

The best thing after hearing you haven’t expected yet it is also built for Gaming also, with 119ms super low latency mode.

By clicking on the noise cancellation button Reduce latency up-to 50%.

Our Team Noticed that in other wireless or Non wireless earphones, While gaming, Game starts lagging and other syncing problems.

Wireless buds pro will remove Syncing problems in few seconds.

Magnetic Instant Connect

After enjoying the Music it will Connect instantly because of MFP (Magnetic Fast Pair) Technology.

Then it will disconnects and saves Battery life.

COLORS OF Realme Wireless Buds Pro

  1. Disco Green
  2. Party Yellow

Both Colors are awesome but Disco green is too awesome then expecting.

Realme Wireless Buds Pro 2,999₹

Wireless buds pro by realme


silica Gel metal mode & It’s Titanium alloy design will attract the viewer and show your personality. The size is Just 33 Grams, Comfortable with anyone who is using it.

Sweating Comes Near Neck If you are thinking it happens damage it means money waste? don’t be afraid because IPX4 Water resistant high Quality.

Use it Freely and enjoy the whole world and music experience with Realme Wireless Buds pro 2,999₹.

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How to Buy Wireless Buds Pro Earphones?

The first sale starts on 16th of October at 12:30 PM on site of Official Realme or else you can book on Amazon or flipkart.

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The price is high but gives you better Quality than other earphones, You can Also Check BudsQ


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