REALME VS MI Who Is King? Explained

Xiaomi / MI made in China, Xiaomi works on 5% Profit.

But the Realme that is proudly made in India works with 3% Profit.

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But both companies show ads in their Smartphones, But in the situation of ads, Realme show less ads than MI.

We can Turn off the ads in realme phones, but when we turn off the ads in MI phones, the ads are shown in many places and the ads are different.

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Online VS Offline Realme VS MI Who is King?

MI launches First smartphone in 2014, so from 2014 they launches many phones they completely change the market of Indian smartphones.

They Come with Cheap price good features and Specifications.

Before 2018 Xiaomi was the India’s NO.1 Selling smartphone.

In 2018 Realme enters in indian market with More exciting features than Xiaomi they launches realme 2, Realme 3 And more.

Realme was a Game changer They came with Best gaming processor in budget phones.

The problem in MI was while the users play games The smartphones of Xiaomi was starts heating.

So realme Doesn’t have any problem like heating or Lagging.

When the realme start launching their phones they captured Both markets online and Offline.

After this MI Launches Note 5 pro, Note 8 pro and more, Realme also launches more phone like Realme 3i, 3pro, 5i, X2 Pro Etc.

Other Smartphone Companies

Asus, Samsung more companies are building their Phones But they captured Offline market, But the Phones of Asus was too costly more than 20,000₹ to 30,000₹.

How Realme Is A Game changer?

When MI is building their phones they don’t focus in Processor or gaming, But realme start focusing on Snapdragon Processor In cheap prices.

Cooling Vapour Systems and Camera Battery backup 4000 mah in Cheap rate.

Realme comes with the classic Designs and Colours Give the software updates time to time.


Flash sale of MI vs realme smartphone

Now in 2020 Flash sale of MI was not better than Realme.

When realme start their sales in Amazon or Flipkart All smartphones has been booked in just 2 or 3 minutes.

But the sale of MI is not good than Realme because now realme is the NO.1 Quality smartphone brand in India.

Budget Phone MI Vs Realme

When we search for budget phone under 10,000₹ or Under 12,000₹ everyone recommends Redmi Phones.

But after the entry of realme phones the thinking of people Completely Changed.

Now you can ask your friends or In Nearby Mobile stores everyone tells to buy realme if your budget is low.

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Camera War Of Realme and Redmi Smartphones

Xiaomi came with 2 Camera lens phone and after this realme comes with 3 Camera Lens and After 4 Ultra high Quality Wide angles.

After some Months Xiaomi came with 3 lens camera in their smartphones.

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Now Who is King? MI or REALME?

According to the Report of both companies in 2018 The market share of realme is too low because the realme starts building phones in 2018.

In 2018 MI the sales of Mi is 11 Million smartphones.

The selling of realme was 29 lakh in 2018. But in 2019 Realme changed the game of Indian Market The sales has been increased from 29 Lakh to 66 Lakh smartphones.

Have You noticed that The name of both companies was similar to each other:- REALME OR REDMI

When both phones comes with the same price so people start confusing to buy which phone?

Both companies are Poking each Other On twitter.

According to the report of other phones in 2019 Vivo sells 7.1 Million phones and Oppo sells 5.5 Million phones.

How they are Selling more Phones?

This is impossible in Indian market other companies like Vivo,Oppo are selling more phone because of peoples are buying smartphone first time or They are upgrading to new features OR specifications.

The market share of Such companies like :- Motorola, Honor Asus, Nokia Are market share are down because they haven’t launch a good phone under the price segment from 5,000 to 15,0000.


Oppo vivo, Realme and Xiaomi are launching their phones in the price segment of 10K to 15K .

Final Words Conclusion War About Realme OR MI Who is King?

Realme is king

In last we will say that Both phones are good if you want to play games and have to increase gaming performance so we suggest you to buy Realme,

And if you want Display performance In just 8K to 10K to buy Redmi.

But realme is giving amroled display in budget phones or fast charging 18 Watt or gorilla glass 5.

The winner of the war is Realme, Because he is the real 👑 King.

You can buy any phone would you like to Buy?.

Realme is launching his accessories phones every month. REALME VS MI Who Is King?

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