Realme Smart Watch Review 2020

Realme is the second smartphone company of Oppo the products of realme is same like Oppo.

Realme smartphones and devices are proudly made in India. Oppo Realme Launches smart watch with the new exciting and amazing Features.

As you all know that There are many smart watches are available in online and Offline market.The watch is Smarter and more smarter than other watches.

So we will explain you all features also the advantages and disadvantages of This smart watch.

Let’s take a review of Realme smart watch:-

What is Realme Smart Watch?

Time is running very fastly in 2020 so the realme company launches A Smart phone Watch According to 21st Century.

With A lot of Fun and Practical Features.

The slogan of this smart watch is:

Your Style Your way

Why Realme Watches is Different from Other Watches ?

Because in realme watches, Company provides Customer support and Great Features,..Let’s checkout the specifications of Realme smart Watch.

Specifications Of Realme Smart Watch :-

  1. 3.5 CM Big Touch Screen
  2. Smart activities Tracker
  3. Music and Smart Controls
  4. Oxygen blood level Tracker
  5. Real time heart stats monitor
  6. Smart Notifications
  7. 14 Sport Modes
  8. Personalized watch Hours

1. 3.5 CM Touch Screen

In this smart watch first of all you will get Large 3.5 CM easy usable touch screen and it is fully responsive.

Realme Smart watch
Images are taken from Official Realme Website

2. Smart activities Tracker

We can also say that intelligent Activities tracker, If you are running or walking so the watch will Count your steps and All things what are you doing or working?

Realme Smart Watch Review 2020

3. Music And Camera Controls

Experience The Free music In the watch, connect your watch with your realme device, Play/pause your music with a Single Click. The camera is also available to click Pictures.

4. Oxygen Blood Level Checker 

In this smart watch Oxygen Blood level Detector is also available, You can check Your Oxygen level and Blood circulation in your Body.

5. Real Time Heart Stats

When you wear this smart watch by realme so it will tell you your heart beat status on its touch screen display. with fully Responsive and digital monitor.

6. Smart Notifications :-

Now You are able to Receive Smart notifications in your smart and intelligent watch.

Whatsapp, messenger, Gmail, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok and many more.

Youtube Vs Tiktok Full Story 

7. 14 Sport Modes Available 

If you like sports so in this watch there are 14 sports mode available for you, With real time Stats.

  • Walk
  • Outdoor Run
  • Indoor run
  • football
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Cricket
  • Indoor Cycle
  • Aerobic ability
  • strength training
  • Elliptical
  • Outdoor cycle

8. Personalize Watch Hours 

You can select your watch Layout Hours there are 6, Watch designs are available for you. before buying you can select the Design and ready to buy.

Also you will get 4 Colorful Straps , Red, Blue, Green And Black.

Remote Linking Features

In this realme smart watch, You can connect remote linking via these things:-

Smart Tv, Smart Air purifier, Smart Air purifier, Realme Buds Air, and more things.

More Functions of Realme Smart Watch

There are some features are added in realme Smart watch” these are following!!

  1. Goal Reminder
  2. Find Your Phone
  3. Low battery reminder
  4. Call Accept / Rejection
  5. Weather forecast
  6. Drinking Reminder
  7. Meditation
  8. Unlock Your Phone
  9. Idle Alert
  10. Vibrating Alarm

These are the top 10 functions are added in realme amazing smart watch in 2020.

Instructions For Smart watch Realme


Long press the watch Button for 3 Seconds, your smart watch will be turned on automatically.

The watch will be Shut down when the battery level is less than 3%.


After Turning on the realme watch, You have to download Realme Link app from Google play Store.

Just Open the realme link app, and the QR code will be displayed on the watch, First create a account of realme link, Scan the QR code and the data will be automatically added in your Smart watch.

If you are connecting the watch make sure the Bluetooth should be turned On.

Just Click pair to realme watch your watch will be connected automatically.

More Specifications In Realme Smart watch :-

  • Android 5.O is Added.
  • Resolution 320*320
  • 3 Axis accelerometer
  • 160 Mah battery
  • 31 Gram weight

Battery can Work 7 to 9 Days, and when you turned on power saving mode it can work up to 20 days.

How To Buy Realme Smart Watch?

The price of the realme watch is ₹3,999 you can Buy It From here. The sale Starts from 5 June 2020.


FINAL CONCLUSION ABOUT Realme Smart Watch Review 2020

Time to be a Smarter the realme watch is better than other watches, With amazing Features and Specifications.

The sale starts from 5th of June The price is ₹3,999, Select your layout and straps and you are ready to Buy the realme smart watch.

Secure payment system, COD and Online payments are available In relame’s Official Website.

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