Realme Smart TV Review || Realme India

Now In 2020. 21st Century Television has become most important electronic Thing in the world.

So there are many Television Companies are available in India or another countries.

So If You are using and know the realme devices they all are proudly made in India. It is the best option to buy Realme TV’s.

So lets take a short review of Realme Smart Television.

Take the new generation experience of real Picture And The real sound.


Realme Smart TV Review || Realme India

There are Two smart Realme TV’s, The one is:-

  • 80 CM
  • 108 CM

The Prize is Starting From ₹12,999


Specifications in Realme Smart LED Television

So now Lets checkout the amazing Specifications in Realme LED Television.


  1. Powerful And Amazing Processor.
  2. Ultra Bright Purity LED Screen
  3. 24 Watt High volume Speakers.
  4. Chroma Boost Picture engine
  5. google assistant, Android TV Certified.
  6. Netflix, Amazon Prime + More movies functions added.


So now let’s Cover All the Topics Specifications about the Realme Smart TV.

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1. Powerful Quad-core Media-tek Amazing processor 

Media tek processor in realme smart led Tv
Images taken From Official Realme Site

The processor ram is about 1GB +8 GB.

Specifications Of Media-tek Processor.

  • MALI GPU 470
  • 1GB + 8GB

The gpu is Mali which will give you a best Experience.

A53 Cortex CPU is supported in This Realme Smart TV.

1GB + 8GB will give you a Amazing and Smooth running experience.


2. Ultra Bright LED Display 

In Realme Smart TV You will also get Ultra Bright LED Display with full purity and clean screen and increase your Watching Experience.


  1. Brightness Purity
  2. Clarity Of colours
  3. Amazing Contrast


With the Brightness Purity, and Clarity of Colours also Amazing contrast will give you a new generation watching experience.


3. 24 Watt High Volume Speakers 

Realme Smart LED TV, You will get 24 W Quad Stereo high volume speakers.

In the two pairs of Realme Smart TV.

The one is to clear Voice with the Dynamic Design and the second is to Give sounds with High frequency Range.


Cinematic Surrounding Audio

If you are watching a movie on this smart TV, you can take experience of Real cinema hall sound effects, and high range The dialogues can be heared clearly with No problems.


4. Chroma Boost Picture Engine

Realme Smart TV uses chroma boost picture engine to clear the Quality of pixels in overall series you are watching and it uses advance algorithms in this next generation Smart LED TV.


5. Google assistant + Android TV certified 

In today’s smart TV’s you will get these features also like android TV.

Connect your LED TV with your remote device and watch photos and videos and Increase your  viewing experience.

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6. Netflix Amazon Prime and Other functions are Added :-

In this smart TV of realme company has added Netflix and Amazon prime or more apps and functions to watch Movies and Web series.

Also they added 100,000 Watch hours to watch movies and Serials.

Top 5 Important apps for Your YouTube Channel 

  • Live Channels
  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Amazon prime video
Realme Smart Led TV YouTube Netflix
Images Taken From Official Realme Site


Google Play Store Supported :-

In this realme Smart Led TV Google play store is also supported with 5000+ Apps. Enjoy the music apps and seials watching apps for free.

  • Some apps needed subscription to Use.



The remote is easy to use and east to hold in your hand because the body of the remote is Slim and curved.

In this All in one remote there are 5 to 6 buttons are added Youtube, Netflix and Google assistant when you click any button you will be redirected to the app and enjoy.

The remote is Very light in weight,.

All in one remote of realme smart Led TV
Images taken from Official Realme Site




Bluetooth 5.0 Is added also you can port USB in this Smart Led TV by Realme, Users can use Wifi in their smart TV.

  1. ANT
  2. AV
  3. LAN

These 4 features are supported as a port.


Realme Smart LED Television is supported in Two modes.


In wall mode you can attach your Smart led Tv in Your house wall.

If you like stand mode and you have any Table so you can stand your TV in Your Table, IN both modes size, height and Length also weight is Same.

  • IN VOICE google assistant
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Google play store 5000+ Apps
  • Weight with stand 3.7 Kg Without stand 3.6 Kg.
  • In 108 Cm TV weigh with stand 6.8 kg without stand 6.7 kg.


final Conclusion About Realme Smart TV Review || Realme India

We have cleared all the features and specifications regarding the Realme Smart LED TV.

If you want to buy this Smart TV Note that:-

Information is taken from Realme Official Site and All these are legal.


Secure and Online payments are available, due to covid -19 pandemic issues your delivery can be late but we will try to give you fast delivery.

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