Realme M1 Electronic Toothbrush Review

Hi We all do Brush our Teeth’s  in morning!! with many types of Toothbrushes in our daily routine,

Have you heard about Electronic Toothbrush? 

Yes Electronic toothbrush is available in the market., we’ve Seen many electric gadgets Like Smartphone, Charger, watches and more.

India’s Most popular brand Realme produced a Electronic toothbrush.

We all know that realme is the smartphone company.

Mostly realme makes Best Quality Smartphones, Earphones in Cheap rates.

Low Rate,,Better performance

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M1 Electronic Toothbrush 1,999₹

Realme M1 Toothbrush revealing

The name of the product is Realme M1, M1 is a Model Number.

This Electric Toothbrush is for perfect oral Health.

But the Question is coming in some people’s mind because they’ve not use Electronic Toothbrushes Yet?

What Is Electric toothbrush? 

In manual Toothbrush it is hard to clean our teeth’s they can’t gives us whitening properly.

But in this brush it will automatically clean your teeth with the 4 best modes.

  1. Clean Mode
  2. Soft Mode
  3. Whitening Mode
  4. Polish Mode

Modes Information

Clean Mode For Daily Use
Soft ModeSensitive Teeth
Whitening ModeDeep cleaning
Polish ModeShine teeth

How to Charge? (Charging Features)

Let’s know about the charging features of Realme M1 voltanic powered boombrush.

OralB provides galmanic brushes for teeth’s but A brand is a trust for the whole country.

Realme X Smartphone 15,999,₹ Sale

This is a Wireless Charging Brush Can run up-to 90 days 4 times charging in 1 Year.

Charging Features

Battery Backup 800 Mah
Charging Time? 4.5 Hours
Charge TypeWireless ☑
DC MOTOR34000 times/min

Just turn off the brush it will automatically charged in 4.5 hours.


The DC motor cleans Mouth area safely and the noise is not higher than 60db.

Realme 30W Dart Charge Power bank 10000 mah


Colors of Realme M1 Electric Toothbrush

Blue Colors of Realme M1 Electric Toothbrush
WhiteRealme M1 Electronic Toothbrush Review
Price? 1,999₹ Both

Is Bristles are Safe?

Yes bristles are powered By OralB and they are safe, While cleaning your mouth, According to the selected mode it will safely do whitening and cleaning.

Manual toothbrush bristles are not safe dental herpes can damage by using manual brush.

More Features

Realme always gives you best Quality this brush is water resistant you can easily wash in the water and comes with.

  • 1 Year warranty
  • IPX7

the body of the brush is cylinder shaped and non slippery easily hold in hand.

3.55 MM Metal head avoids the oral Injury..


Here are some top most asked questions in every buyers mind?

Can you charge electric toothbrush in normal socket?

Every brush has different way to charge some oral brushes comes with charging socket and some are wireless.

Should I use electric toothbrush?

Yes Electric voltage toothbrush are more better than manual brushes.

Do electric toothbrushes damage teeth?

Maybe! Don’t over use the modes use only soft mode.

When can a child start using an electric toothbrush?

Please don’t give electric brushes to the childs hand until he/she completed the age of 5 years.

How long should I brush my teeth with electric toothbrush?

About 2.5 Minutes Because manual brushes time of doing is about 5-10 minutes this is electric 5X more faster than manual brush.

Do you put toothpaste on an electric toothbrush?

Yes absolutely for a fresh breath from your mouth you can use toothpaste.

How many times a day should you use an electric toothbrush?

Up-to 2 times Day and Night., Over using can destroy your enamel.

How Realme X2 Pro is Good? 

Final Conclusion

You should buy this if you can afford the price also you can check more electric brushes but realme is a brand.

Before buying please check more things on Flipkart, amazon.

We hope you like Realme M1 Electronic Toothbrush Review don’t forget to share..

Realme M1 Electronic Toothbrush Review


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