Realme Buds Classic Earphones

if anyone talks to me about the best brand and earphones In past i said about the Samsung.

But Now i can’t told about Samsung and other brands, Because they are so expensive to buy.

Realme’s Sales is running Nowadays, Today is 18th august Realme C12 & C15 launched at 12:00 PM.

The CEO of Realme brand Madhav Seth taught about the dolby audio quality BudsQ but this is so Costly so realme has launched Classic Earphones Recently.

The Earphones are not wireless but i am taking guarantee you will satisfied.

Want to see a look of amazing Realme Classic earphones.

Every product of realme sells With a tagline so the tagline of Classic earphones is:-

Real Comfortable, Real Stylish

Realme Buds Classic Earphones
Images from Realme


Let’s check specifications and Reviews about

Realme Buds Classic Earphones. 

We’ve covered some most important FAQ regarding classic earphones before buying it is necessary to check.

Specifications of Buds Classic Earphones

  1. Comfortable in Ears
  2. It’s perfect designing
  3. Unlimited music and Call

Comfortable in Ears

When i purchase a new earphones the problem they are not fit in my ears, i don’t know what’s the problem?

But here don’t worry it’s design is a half year design it can easily fits on your ear canals.

It comes with Rounded shape..

Stylish and Beautiful 

Once upon a time i purchased a earphone at ₹ 540 from offline store the sound quality was good but the looking and design was weird.

It comes with the price Segment of 399₹ which is very cheap than Original buds but the brand are same.

It comes with Two Awesome Colors

  • Stylish Black
  • Stylish White


Realme Buds Classic Earphones
Realme store
Realme Buds Classic Earphones
Images from Realme Community


Classic design earphone comes with 14.2 mm driver + with Amazing Audio Qualities to enjoy unlimited music while you are traveling in train or bus.

It contains a Microphone User can Control Stop and play Music, Movies Pick or end Calls just clicking a button.

If you are thinking it’s just a normal microphone attached in these earphones?

– So all you’re wrong it has high quality audio listening skills and remove background noise easily.

Seamless Strap 

Most of the earphones comes with the local strap but this strap is most precious because it has the proof they are made officially by Realme Brand.

Seamless Realme Buds Classic.


After the features reviews and specifications finally we came on the price segment!!

The price is Just Only 399₹ In USD It is just 5.3466$.


I am sure after reviewing these earphones your mind is running to buy!!

Want to buy these earphones?

Just go on Realme’s Official site  Youth days sale is running everyday at 12:00PM.


Here are some important facts about the buds classic earphones..

Why Buds Classic earphones is better than Normal Earphones?

We’ve watched many local earphones in the price range of 100-200₹ it is coming in just 399₹ and this earphones are made by a brand..

How do I choose earphones?

It is simple you just have to know about microphone , sound Quality & Design if all you get in a fare price.. So don’t waste your time go and just buy them.

Which is better earphone or headphone?

In sound Quality Headphones are best but in the trend of 2020 Earbuds are running more than headphones or earphones so i suggest you to buy Earbuds.

What are the Price Range of Earbuds?

Branded Earbuds price starts with 399₹ to more than 2,000₹.

Which Brand/Company is best to buy Earphones or EarBuds? 

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Realme

the best brands/Companies to buy earphones or earbuds.

Are headphones bad for your brain?

I can’t say about This topic because it depends on your headphones quality and media volume, If your media volume is high so it can harm your brain and starts headache.

But if you use them properly nothing will be happened.

Realme Wireless Earphones Review 

Laptop News New buds 3 latest news by realme

I hope you are satisfied with our Opinion on The Buds classic earphones by realme.

In final conclusion i just want to say one thing that is Buds is more better than Earphones but the price is too expensive than earphones but the stylish look and trend is running..

But in the same way earphones are good as well.


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