Realme Wireless Earphones Review

If you are a realme User and like the products made by Realme, So Realme Launches a new Product.

This product is specially made for music and dance, Thousands of Customers are satisfied with This product By realme India.

The Name Of This Product is Realme Air Buds Wireless Earphones Everyone knows that there are many wireless earphones are available in online and offline Market.

Many of these products are made in china and get many problems,

So we suggest please don’t use any chinese products. Make sure You are using a genuine Product.

So Let’s take a review of Realme Buds Air Wireless Earphone :-

Realme Buds Air Wireless Earphones Review

The slogan of the Buds air realme earphones is

True Wireless Real seamless

Specifications and Features

Now let’s checkout some specifications and features of Realme Buds wireless earphones.

  1. Dynamic Bass
  2. Wear detector
  3. Super low latency
  4. Dual Mic for Calling
  5. Auto connection Established
  6. Wireless Charging

In dynamic bass you will get best sound experience in this next generation Experience Wireless earphones.

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Wear detector are available in this realme Buds, Play/Pause Feature if you wear this buds songs will start playing automatically,.

R1 Chip are available in this air buds Earphones that will help you to play songs without any problems.

You will get Dual mic For Calling with Good Voice and speakers.

Auto Connecting is established in this Air Buds it will connect with your Realme Device automatically.

The best feature of this Wireless earphones Air buds, wireless charging.

Wireless charging

A New Generation Wireless Earphones Experience

R1 Chip
Images taken from Official Realme Site.

R1 Chip Is added in Airbuds Wireless earphone and it improves the experience of Bluetooth Connection 5.0 also it access the smart Controls and Good Battery Life.


When you press both sides of Earbuds You will Automatically enter in Gaming Mode and now you are able to take the gaming experience.

Battery Life :-

17 Hours non stop music battery Life. You can get battery information on your Phone.


The dual call in earphone air buds use ENCT means ( Environment Noise Cancellation Technology) to cancel the extra and background noise.


In this ear buds the real designing curving are presented to give you a Amazing real experience. The angle R is made with More than 20 arcs.

Curving and designing of realme wireless earphones
Images Taken From Official Realme Site.

There are Three colours are available in this Wireless Earphone/Earbuds.

Yellow, White and Black are Available. 

Super Comfortable :-

The earbuds is very loose in weight, about 4 to 5 Grams. Like a Small White paper.


The price of the wireless Earphones is ₹3,999. Three colors are available White, Black and Yellow.

You can also Buy yellow Color and Iconic Blue case At Just 399₹.

FINAL CONCLUSION ABOUT Realme Buds Air Wireless Earphones Review

These wireless earbuds perfect for you and the best thing is proudly made in India, And also these are Company earphones with guarantee.

Realme Buds Price is 3,999₹ available in 3 amazing colours.

Company says that Due to covid-19 pandemic issues deliveries are very late but they will try to deliver product fast in green or orange Zones.

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