Realme Brand Indian Or Chinese?

Kya realme chinese hai?

Realme brand Indian or chinese? In 2020 There are many smartphone companies are selling their smartphones in india.

They are earning a lot of Profit by selling the smartphones.


We all know that the 2020 is the wrost year not in india, But it is for whole world.

Due to corona Virus pandemic Issues the work of peoples are stopped, in India more than 1 million People loose their job.

In which most of the peoples are labours and workers.

In india Indian china border tension is running, Indians are boycotting chinese products.

They are following Local or Vocal rule run by Prime Minister narendra modi but most of the peoples are not understanding the situation.

PM Narendra modi said in a announcements that we all have to use Indian Products Not any chinese products.

So In most of the house 10 out of 8 things are imported or made in China.

So they are destroying the all chinese things such as:- LED TV, MOBILE PHONES ETC..

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In this situation the government of india also banned the 59 Chinese apps including Tiktok, sweet selfie and more.


Realme Brand chinese or indian?

The realme is a Chinese brand, realme work with Oppo and in 2018 they are doing their separate work,.

The parts of realme are came from China, The CEO Of realme brand is MADHAV SETH

Madhav Handle Twitter and youtube and ask questions about realme and their brand.

So Madhav started a tweet name with #askmadhav so most of the questions are asked by indians and.

The Question is Realme Brand Indian Or Chinese?

Because Realme is the No.1 Quality smartphone brand in india.

Realme sells his 60% smartphones in India, #Boycottchinamovement is running in twitter to ignore chinese things use Local things.


The realme are doing separate work and the market of online is too good.

The reality is realme are manufacturing in India but the parts of Smartphone is Are made in china,

In China BBK Electronics made parts of all smartphones such as :- Oppo,Vivo, MI.


So it means The realme is made in china, but the people are thinking we should boycott chinese products or destroy them.

So please don’t destroy simply you have to complete your work with the products made in chinese when they are old and damage, In next time don’t buy any chinese products.

Which Smartphone are Made in India?

India doesn’t build any smartphone Because india is a secular and it comes in the list of developing countries.

None of the smartphones are made in India.

Because india is not capable to make parts and build mobile phones.

But in future india will be able to Make Android smart phones it takes more than 4 to 5 years.

It is not the right time to boycott chinese smartphones, India is not independent country, When the smartphone building will start in india.

We should boycott chinese smartphones.


Last words About Realme Brand Indian Or Chinese? Boycott Chinese products!!!

If we want to buy any product from the market so keep in mind that the products will be made in India.

You can give suggestions to people do not destroy their house products which are made in China.

If they damage suddenly so In next time buy only indian products.

It helps to build our Indian economy..


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