Realme Band Overview Realme India

In previous We have tell about the Narzo 10 Smartphone.

People’s are getting more response from Realme Company,

Also the devices & accessories are very amazing and Cool.

Realme Is launching every new product Day by day.

But today we will Talk About The Realme Band Its overview and Specifications.

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The tagline and Slogan of this band is:«

Live Fit, Live smart

Realme band

Realme smart band live fit live smart



Realme Band Overview Realme India


So let’s start Finding some specifications and reviews about the Realme band.

  1. Smart Intelligence
  2. Real Time heart beat Tracker
  3. Large color Display
  4. personalized Face dials
  6. Realme Link App
  7. Smart Calls and Notifications
  8. Sleep Quality Monitor

These are the top 8 features are available in the realme band.


Realme Band Features Review


So Now it’s time to ☑ checkout The review of it’s 8 Features available in Band.

1. Smart Intelligence 

In this feature If you are running walking or doing any type of exercise.

Example:- If you are running or walking it will count steps and KM.

These Exercises are available.


  • Yoga
  • Fairness
  • Biking
  • Climbing
  • Hiking
  • walking
  • Fitness
  • Cricket
  • Spinning
  • Running

These 10 things are came under smart Intelligence Sports.


The cricket mode is new in the realme band specially for India if you play cricket so just switch to cricket mode on your Band.

It will tell you about the Statistics and your activities.



2. Real-time Heart stats Tracker 



This band will also help you to know more about your health.

It will tell you BPM and About your heart status every 5 Minutes.


Fully Water Proof 

The realme band is fully water resistant / water proof if your band is suddenly fall in water so don’t take tension it is water proof.


3. Large Color Display

You will also get the large color beautiful display up-to 2.4 CM 65,000 amazing colours.

4. Personalized face Dials

Thereare 6 personalized face dials you have to choose any of them.

All are awesome in looking.

realme band personalized faces

There are 3 band colours and 6 looks.

  1. Green
  2. Yellow
  3. Black


You can change the dial faces Simply select your favorite dial in realme Link App.



Charge your band without any cable direct Plug USB PORT Without Any importance of charging cable.


6. Realme Link Application 

If you want to control any realme accessories such as Realme watch or Band So you have to download the realme link app from google play store.

You will get control system for your band.

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7. Smart Calls and notifications 

Smart calls and smart notifications feature are available in this smart band by realme.

Calls, Messages,Instagram,Youtube, Tiktok Whatsapp and many more apps are available.


8. Sleep Quality Monitor

If you slept after wearing this realme band.

It will give You statistics and activities about how you sleep? and what is your sleep pattern.


Healthy Alert Idle Alert 

This band will also give you health alert time to time Such as”-

  • Drink Some water
  • Eat some food
  • Regular intervals

To keep you stay healthy and stay fit.

Premium Design Band

The design of this band is Simple and awesome in look.

Premium borderless Design, wear with your style statement.

Realme band premium design



if you are wearing This band and Just close this band to your phone your phone will be unlocked safely and Quickly.






  • 2.4 CM Screen
  • 90 Mah battery working time 10 days
  • ANDROID 5.0
  • Realme link app supportive
  • Black,green and Yellow colour
  • 20 gram Size Comfortable



  1. Goal reminder
  2. Health reminder
  3. Excercise
  4. Brightness Reduce and increase
  5. Weather forecast
  6. Low battery
  7. Alarm reminder
  8. Tracking features



The Band of realme automatically turned on while charging.

If your charging is 3% or below 3% It will automatically turned off.



Simply you have to download the realme link application by realme on google play store.

Open the realme link app and select the device and turn pair the binding to turn On.

It will automatically syncs your device data contacts, Sms and more things.


FINAL CONCLUSION ABOUT THE Realme Band Overview Realme India

The band is perfect for you The price of the band is just only ₹1,499.

Just go and buy from link provided below.

Buy realme BAND

  • Secure payment
  • Free shipping


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