Realme 30W Dart Charge 10000mAh Power Bank

Realme’s Accessories sales has covered the whole online market..

When Realme launches a phone the stock outs in just 2-3 mins..

Realme is the no.1 Quality Smartphone Brand in India…

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So now we will talk about Power bank, So Everyone is using power bank in his/her daily life..

It is the important thing helps us while we are traveling in Train, Bus or Flight..

From Local to Company’s Power banks are available in online or offline market…

But we have Trust Issues

Which power bank We need to Buy?

Power banks starts from at the rate of 499₹ to 5,000₹..

The difference is Quality..

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Before buying a Electronic Product we have to keep in mind that we all should boycott Chinese products..


Realme Brand Indian or Chinese? 

So the power bank is made by Realme Brand..

So now let’s see the Qualities of power banks.

Qualities of 30W Dart Charge Power bank

Realme 30W dart Power bank 10000 mah


Here is the look of the 10000 mah power bank..

Dart To Full Power

  1. 30W Two way dart Charge
  2. Supports Multiple Charging
  3. Dual Output Ports USB A & USB C
  4. 15 Layer charging Protection


Charging Review About Dart Charge

realme 30W Dart Charge 10000mAh Power Bank

This Power Bank takes up to 96 Minutes to charge this power bank…

It can easily charge a Realme 6 phone in just 30 minutes || Half Hour.

It is better than other power banks it will give you a Amazing Fast charging experience…

The Data of 96 Minutes and Percentage Charge is Provided by Realme Lab and ☑ checked by Our Experts..

It is faster 129% To get fully charged than other power banks..


Multiple Charging Two Devices

It supports multiple charging of two devices The USB A and USB C port will charge both phones at the same time..

It supports multiple fast charging.

High stable Battery

In this power bank you will get high stable battery, helps you to travel Without any problem enjoy Gaming and Movies..


  1. Dual cells safety protection
  2. Temperature Protection
  3. Battery over voltage protection
  4. Output over voltage
  5. Output over current protection
  6. Input surge protection
  7. Electromagnetic Field Protection
  8. Input under voltage and over voltage
  9. Charge cable detection and Charging protection
  10.  Charging path impedance protection
  11. Output Short circuit protection
  12. Electrostatic Protection
  13. Battery charge and Over discharge Protection
  14. Phone connection and status protection.

Colors Of Power bank

Two colours are available In this 10000 mah realme power bank.

  • Black
  • Yellow

Comfortable 3D design

It’s comfortable 3D design fit in your pocket easily…

It is resistant to fingerprint , scratches and Other…

  1. 230 Grams Weight
  2. 17MM thickness..

You can also use low current mode to charge a lot devices by clicking on low current mode button.

Final conclusion Realme 30W Dart Charge 10000mAh Power Bank

The information is provided by realme labs and also checked by the technowlage experts…

Here is the review of 10000 mah power bank By realme Brand..


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