Realme 10000 Mah PowerBank 2 Review

Realme Festive days sale is running from 29th October to 4th of November.

So here Realme has launched it’s another Power Bank of 10000 Mah Previously Realme Launched 10000 mah First powerbank 

But now it’s in Version 2.O in which we will see some upgraded features., which will help us while traveling.

This height of the power bank is not high it’s small you can easily carry this power bank in your Jeans pocket.

Realme 10000 Mah PowerBank 2 Review

  1. 18W Two way quick Charge
  2. Multi device Charge
  3. Dual Outputs Type C & Type USB A.
  4. 13 Layer Circuit protection.

The best thing in the power bank is it is allowed on the plane because some power banks are not allowed because they are harmful for Environment.

1) The 18W Two way Fast & Quick Charge:-

It takes up-to 2hours and 40 minutes to charge a 4300 mah battery smartphone.

USB Type C and USB Type A ports are available in realme 10000 mah 2 power bank.


If you want to recharge the Power bank it takes more than 3 hours and 40 minutes to charge with 18W charging Cable.

2) Multi Device Charge

Realme fans can Charge many devices through this 10000 mah power bank.

Just double tap on the power button and low current mode is ready!! for small products.

Here is the listing Available;)

3) Dual Outputs

These two dual outputs Charge two phones in same time Type C and Type A USB ports are available.

This is the best time saving part inside in this power bank.

4) 13 Layer Circuit Protection

We’ve seen in most of the power banks from china they don’t have protection layers over charge can destroy them easily or they catch heat too early.

  1. Temperature Protection
  2. Battery Over voltage protection
  3. Output over voltage
  4. output over current protection
  5. Charge cable detection Protection
  6. Input Surge protection
  7. Electromagnetic Field Protection
  8. Battery Overcharge and Over discharge Protection
  9. Charging path impedance Protection
  10. Phone Connection status protection
  11. Input Over voltage and Under Voltage Protection
  12. Electrostatic Protection
  13. Output Short Circuit protection

Other Features of Realme 10000 Mah PowerBank 2 Review

1) 2 in One Charging Cable

in previous texts we’ve talked about two ports which are USB Type A and Type C Protection also 2 Charging cables are available to charge many accessories and other products.

2) Size and Weight of realme power bank 10000 mah 2

The weight is about 216 grams and width is 15mm thin as holding a notebook.

3) Design & Colors of Realme Powerbank 🙂

It’s 3D grid Design gives a awesome feeling when it’s on our hands, don’t worry about Dusting cleaning and Fingerprints scratches and it’s non slippery, comes with Real design.

Colors of Realme 10000 Mah PowerBank 2 Review

Two Colors are available;)

  1. Black Color
  2. Yellow Color

Realme 10000 Mah PowerBank 2 Review Realme 10000 Mah PowerBank 2 Review


How to Buy & Get Cashback?

It’s a great opportunity for Realme fans The festival days sale is running in official website of realme also you can check out on amazon and flipkart.

The actual price of this Power bank is 999₹ it means 13.39$ according to the currency of United States of America., But in this sale the price is 899₹ in USD 12.05$

Good to Buy or Not?

Yes it’s good to buy in this season sale because it’s in version 2 so it might be better than other normal power banks.

Realme Gives us promise of Real Quality More fun and Low Prices.

The price will drop on 4th of November at 12:00AM it means after couple of days

So hope you’ve liked our review on Realme 10000 Mah PowerBank 2 Review don’t forget to share it with fans of realme and those guys who are searching or thinking to buy a power bank on this diwali.

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