Realme 10000 Mah power bank Review

In our previous Post we have telled you about the Next generation Gaming Smartphone.

But today we are telling you about the Emergency Accessories that can help you while you’re traveling.

Yes we are talking about the Power banks, In online and offline market there are many power banks are available.

Realme 10000 Mah power bank Review

The price of power banks starts from 500₹ to More than 5,000₹.

But as you all know that the products of Realme and Accessories are too good and cheap.

So we are introducing Realme Power Banks.


Realme launches Two power banks in which Their prices, Powers and features are different.

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Realme Band Overview Realme India


Realme Power Bank 1 Review

Realme power bank 1 10000 Mah

Classic Style Now available In Blue Colour.

Let’s checkout the features of Realme Power Bank.

  • 10000 Mah power bank
  • Two way Quick charge
  • Quick charge for various devices
  • Dual Output Simultaneously
  • High Density Ion lithium Polymer Batteries.
  • 12  Layers of Circuit Protection

The tagline of this power Bank is:-

Speedy Power For Real

Fashion and Stylish Design

There are many power banks are available in Market but in cheap price realme is perfect for you.

The power bank By realme With the fashionable and its stylish design.

Classic blue realme power bankWhen you pickup this power bank on your hand you will get an amazing Experience.

Also the logo of Realme plus it’s classic and stylish colors will make a mixture statement.


TWO WAY QUICK CHARGE Amazing Power Input Output 

The realme power bank supports Two way quick charge it means, While your power bank is charging you can charge your phone ☑.

It takes more than 3 Hours to full charge your battery .

And if Two way charge is running so it takes 5 hours in that condition.



In the realme power banks any type of device or smartphone can connect Such as:-

  1. Laptops
  2. Video games consoles

And more Smarter Next generation devices can connect In Realme power bank.

Charge Two devices Immediately 

You can charge two devices urgently In this Power bank.

18 Watt power of Each port.

  • It will take 1 Hour 47 mins to charge an i phone and i phone XS Max.

The i phone test is done in Realme Lab.

High Density Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries 

It will give you a strong backup because the each port supports 18 Watt and The mah is 10000.

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12 Layers of Circuit Protection 

  1. Output over voltage
  2. Output over current protection
  3. Input Over voltage
  4. Input under voltage ⚡ Protection
  5. Battery temperature
  6. Input Surge protection
  7. Battery over charged and Discharged
  8. Electromagnetic Field
  9. Reset Protection
  10. Electrostatic Protection
  11. Chip thermal shut down protection
  12. Output short circuit Protection


Colours Of Realme Power Bank

There are 4 Classic colours are available in Realme power bank.

  • Red
  • yellow
  • Classic Blue
  • Black

colours of realme power bank

The price of This Realme power bank is ₹1,299


Realme Power Bank 2 Review | Realme India

Realme launches his new 10000 Mah Power bank.

Which is different from The Old realme power bank.


  1. 18 Watt Two way Quick Charge
  2. Multiple devices
  3. 13 Layer circuits Protection
  4. Dual Output Ports USB A & C

15 MM Thin and the weight is 216 Grams. 

Colours of realme 2 power bank

The realme 2 power bank are available in Two colours.

  1. Stylish Black
  2. Stylish and Classic Yellow ✌

Realme power bank 2 review


This power bank can easily fit on your pocket If you pickup this power bank so you feel Excited About this, Also the power bank is build with The thousands of Micro stripes.

It will give you a hand Feel Look.

18 Watt Quick Charge

It takes 2 hours and 40 mins to charge a 4300 Mah Smartphone.

It takes 3 hours and 40 mins to charge this realme 2 10000 mah power bank.



  • QC
  • PD
  • AFC
  • PE
  • BC1.2
  • SFCP

Dual Output Ports Available 

You can charge two devices because there are 2 USB ports are available in this power bank.

Also You can Charge Realme smart Watch, Air buds neo and more accessories.

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Also the realme Power bank Comes with A Two in One charging Cable.

Lithium Power ion Batteries 

If you charge your devices with this power bank more than 500 Times so it works well because the batteries is more better than ordinary batteries.

Lithium power ion Batteries with Hi-density are attached in power bank.

13 Layers of Circuit Protection 

  1. Output over voltage
  2. Output over current protection
  3. Input Over voltage & Under voltage
  4. Battery temperature
  5. Input Surge protection
  6. Battery over charged and Discharged
  7. Electromagnetic Field
  8. Phone connection status Protection
  9. Electrostatic Protection
  10. Charge cable detection and protection
  11. Output short circuit Protection
  12. Charging path impedance protection

The price of the Power banks is ₹999.


FINAL CONCLUSION ABOUT Realme Power Banks Review

This is the comparison between the both power banks powered by realme.

You can buy any of them both are best in their features and Quality If we talk about Safety so you should buy Realme 1 Power bank.

Realme will try to do your products delivery fast in some areas delivery can delayed because of covid-19 pandemic issues.

But also you have to check by entering your postal code and estimated delivery time.

We hope you like our Comparison and Realme 10000 Mah power bank Review

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