Indian Train Simulator Kashmir Valley Route

Indian Train Simulator Kashmir Valley Route new update;

In Indian railways android train game community, our favorite game with a die hard fan following Indian Train simulator.

Is coming with its awesome and exciting update, Kashmir Valley Route in Indian Train Simulator?

Indian Train Simulator Kashmir Valley Route New Update

Before knowing about Kashmir Valley route in indian train simulator, the team highbrow interactive announced this update about 6 months ago.

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But due to many reasons they are not able to release the kashmir valley route on diwali, but they released long train chaper and more features.

In this community more than 65% of fans are waiting for this exciting update of indian train simulator.

What is Kashmir Valley Route in indian train Simulator?

Indian Train Simulator Kashmir Valley Route

This route is based on kashmir Valleys highbrow interactive is trying to cover the whole Indian railways map in their game.

Now they’ve covered 33 Stations in past 4 years which was not easy.

The route will Start From banihal to Srinagar.


This route will come with 6 stations, which contains from jammu kashmir state.

DEMU TRAIN:- Most of the Demu trains runs in kashmir side, so according to the reality of kashmir railways,

They’ve decided to add demu train in the route.

Most Awaited Update

In every month highbrow interactive try to give amazing updates to their fans, but this is going to be most awaited update in Indian Train Simulator community.

High Detailed Graphics

Indian Train Simulator Kashmir Valley Route

High detailed Graphics are coming, In the game we have seen that ultra graphics of coaches but route is contained with HD graphics in other stations.

But this time They have done a blast because the time has come to reveal the original graphics and the power of team highbrow interactive.

Not only the whole kashmir valley route the DEMU Train is also covered with High graphics.

We don’t know what will be the size of the game after this amazing and most awaited update in indian train simulator.

Kashmir Buildings, Mountains covered with snow, Realistic railway tracks with stones, Station board, Sheds, platforms etc.


But according to the device compatibility this update will run only 4GB to 6GB Ram phones.

But why?  Because in 2GB or 3GB ram mobiles i am sure it will start lagging.

BTW more surprises are coming Stay tuned, and Enjoy the game.


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