How to Start Blogging Like A Pro 2020!!

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Introduction:- Blogging is doing by more than 100K + Bloggers in all over the world, Because blogging helps us to make money.

Also connect with Internet to know about all things running in this world.

Blogging is a passion that can convert your talent into money. there are many ways to earn money with blogging but today we will tell.

How to Start Blogging Like A Pro 2020 ?

Many beginners start blogging but they do many mistakes so today they are not successful, and also they buy Blogging courses to be a advanced blogger.

Note:- You can improve your experience by doing blogging with yourself not from any courses, you can watch free videos on YouTube to know more about these things.

How to Start a blog (Beginners)

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Starting a blog in 2020 is too hard because blogging has too many competition , Google also says that There are thousands of blogs are better than your blog, if you want to rank your Blog, You need some tips and right investment.

  1. Choose Blogger
  2. Learn About SEO
  3. Write A Perfect Article
  4. Learn Customizing

These 4 tips will help you to grow from Beginner to Advanced.

1. Choose Blogger

Why to Choose Blogger?

Blogger is specially build for Beginners , learn to write Articles, and know more about Traffic, Stats and Visitors ,Indexing Etc.

Blogger runs without Buying  a domain or Hosting, The servers is managed by the google and you will get High speed by applying any type of Theme.

2. Learn SEO

If you want to Learn about Seo Clearly and have many doubts we’ve Cleared here checkout:-

How To Index Page And SEO

Seo means : Search engine optimization which helps us to do rankings in Search engine.

Many Bloggers Learn About SEO and Pay high rates upto Thousands of Dollars but they don’t know Seo techniques came with Experiments Not from any course. You need to Learn Seo by writing articles and doing experiments.

3. Write A Perfect Article

Perfect Article writing is the most important thing in blogging, so we have to learn How to Write A  Article,.

When we all are in Schools we Write many essay writing, applications, Letters So the article writing is same like Writing An essay on your notebook the difference is Essay on notebook and article in Websites.

Want to Write A Seo Friendly Article Checkout:- How to Write A Seo Friendly Article

4. Learn Customization

When you join Blogger or WordPress you have to apply themes and also have to do Theme Customization,.

Theme Customization is easy in wordpress we need some skills, Or In blogger some themes is managed by HTML or some in Layout.

So you have to Learn HTML from YouTube or A Course.

Make Money With Blogging :-

Google Adsense is the only way to make money with blogging fast others are available but they Give less money, Google Adsense give High Cost per click And More earnings.

Also You can choose but you need UK, and United States traffic and Fully English posts to signup and start earning money.

Don’t know How to Use Adsense? and earn safely:-

Master Guide Adsense 2020

How to Move from Advance to Pro?

If you are Now a advanced blogger so you should have to move on WordPress, Because it gives you Beautiful Themes, Seo Plugins, Such as:- Yoast SEO which helps to improve search rankings and optimizing.

There are many themes are available in WP Store for free. i suggest and recommend you to choose Newspaper 9X.

Fully Easy customization Theme panel only for fo blogging.

How to Start Blogging Like A Pro 2020!!

How To Choose Perfect hosting & Domain For Blogging?

Choosing a domain and hosting it is depends on you, If you are buying a domain, Check Related searches and keywords On Google Search.

We recommend you to Buy Domain from Go daddy because it gives High speed With 24/7 dedicated support.

Hosting:- There are thousands of sites are providing hosting, Some hosters are provide hosting in free but please don’t Try free hosting, it will not give good speed and you will get many server problems.

How to Drive Organic Traffic in your Blog 2020 ?

Now we are in all social media’s account such as:- Facebook instagram, Twitter and more, if we write any post you have to search related pages and Groups and providing links this is called social traffic.

And if you want organic Traffic, So tell your friends to Visit your site on google so you will get organic traffic in starting you need to do this.

If you have some investment you can promote on google adwords. you will get more better response.

Final Words How to Start Blogging Like A Pro 2020!!


Write perfect articles, Customize your theme, doing experiments with your blog can help you to be a advanced blogger, move to wordpress and Gain knowledge more about Seo use Seo plugins to get more rankings on google.

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