how to put a border in google docs ?

If you want to Create a document so there are many ways to create a document, WPS Office, PDF’s and many more.

But most of the android users trust google, because google saves our personal data and documents.

One of the most google’s application is google docs, but most of the users don’t know how to use google docs?

In this tutorial we will tell about:-

How to put a border in google docs? Create a Page border !!

Before putting a border in google docs you need to create a blank or empty document.

border in google docs

border in google docs


These are the Quick and simple steps to create a border line in google docs website in PC or Laptop.

How To Create a Table in google Docs Mobile?

Everyone is using Google Docs for PC to create resumes, documents ,Application, Job letters.

Google also launches a Mobile App of Google docs that is available on google play store Market.

About Google Docs Application (Page Border )

Simply click and edit documents, Choose templates or create a empty document.

  • Create business letters, resumes
  • Work even you are offline
  • Share your documents and open link sharing.
  • Customize your Documents
  • Add table links and Word count available.
  • permissions notice.
  • Save your documents in just 1 seconds.

A best google docs app with 4.2 Ratings in play store.

Now learn how to create a table?

These quick setps you need to follow to create a table with rows and columns.

In this image you can send  that you have to click on + Option showing upper side and then click on Table it will ask you how many rows and columns you want to create in this document?

Also there are more features are available in google docs Mobile App such as:-

  1. Page Break
  2. Horizontal line
  3. Add Image
  4. Links to another site
  5. Also you can comment

Download the Google docs Application 

Now we are clearing some faq and Doubts regarding google docs!!


Can I use Google Docs for free?

Yes absolutely good question google docs is free it’s not paid but the business version of G-suite started from 5$.

How do Google Docs work?

Google Docs work with a browser processor and we can open google docs through website or google drive. the application is available on google play store.

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What is the main purpose of Google Docs?

The main motive or purpose of google docs is to create edit and share your important documents , This service is officially made by google.

Is google Docs Secure? 

We can’t say that because when we create a documents or a page it doesn’t require or allow a password to open it but we know that these are uploaded on Google’s servers so absolutely they all are protected.

What’s the difference between Google Docs and Google Sheets?

In google docs we can create documentaries, pages business letters and resumes, In other hand Google Sheet to create and manipulate data both are linked to each other.

Does Google read your docs?

Google doesn’t read your docs if your docs are planning for a illegal Case so google automatically read that and close the documentary which includes illegal cases drugs, weapons.

Final Conclusion About How to Create a Page border In google docs?

We hope that you understand that how to create a border easily on google docs and, Understood about the mobile app of google docs.

We also cleared your questions and FAQ’s doubts regarding the docs of google.

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