How to make a successful Website in 2020 ?

how to grow website

Website developing are running in very high competition in 2020 , Many Developers and bloggers are trying to reach their competitors.

But They are loosing The game of Competition and wasting their money by investing in Web development or Blog or any other further topics.

Today we are telling you How to reach success In Website or Blog Easily?

It’s not hard to run your blog or website in a good way,  you should need to follow Community guidelines and Policies.

We will also suggest you the best topics or ideas to reaching the success in some time.

How to make a successful Website in 2020 ?

If you want to make a successful Website in some time before Buying domain & Hosting first Choose a idea?

Why to Choose a Idea?

if you directly buy and invest in your business without having an idea, you will be gone in loss.

Which ideas help me to get success Easily? 

We are suggesting and telling you some ideas to Run in a proper way. These are as follows :-

  1. A Specific Website
  2. Question Answer Website
  3. Hosting sales Website
  4. Services selling
  5. Coupons & Promos

These are the 5 ideas to build a successful website in some time with some investment. So let me clear your all doubts regarding these topics.

1. A specific Website? 

It means you can make a website or blog by choosing any one Niche, many of them mixed topics, health, Tech, Make money Etc.

So you don’t need to try mixing the contents such as:- i am making a blog specially for Getting a job, so only i will post job updates not any further things.

2. Question Answer Website

In 2020 Peoples are Sharing thoughts with each other , asking questions,  Quora is a Q&A Website so we can make a website like Quora to clear all doubts and thinking.

3. Hosting Sales

Hosting websites are available on google but we all know that they are not giving a proper service or speed like Godaddy., but there is a one more problem is?

All are Very expensive to buy a perfect hosting, so you should need to create a hosting sales website with Cheap price and high speed.

4. Service Selling 

There are many Digital Marketing websites are selling their services, app development, games development and more. You can make a website like this and you will be earn more.

5. Coupons & Promos

Coupon Websites is a micro niche it means is a specific topic, there are lots of promo codes website are available, but we need to give a better layout and Good services.

After making a coupon website we need to run some Advertising on Youtube, google, So you will be receive Visitors automatically.

So we’ve cleared all your Questions regarding These topics if you have any other questions, comment section is available for you.

Where we Go?

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger 


WordPress is good to use for making business websites and blogs, it is good for increasing our Experience, If you know about Blogging and web development you should need to Join WordPress for skills.


Blogger is powered by Google, But blogger don’t have advanced plugins and settings to improve rankings.

If you are new and know nothing so it is good for You.

Now it’s Time to Buy………

Domain & Hosting

Domains are very expensive to setup any website,  many are from united states, Australia, Canada are buying domains from Godaddy.

if we want to Buy .COM domain or  .in Domain it is very expensive on godaddy.  the Original price of .com domain is more than 10$ Or. in domain price is 7US$

But we will help you to Buy .com domain in Just 2.38$ , Or. In Domain in 3.56$.

Hosting :-

If you want high speed hosting in cheap price, we all know it is impossible to buy high speed hosting,  but we are giving you hosting from our own website.

How to Buy high speed hosting in Cheap Price? 

Go to

Eric host
cheapest fastest Hosting in Just 0.38$ per month if you apply code, discount will be applied successfuly.

After Buying domain and hosting you need to Build Your website, and you are ready to launch your site.

Final Conclusion How to make a successful Website in 2020 ?


How to make a successful Website in 2020 ?

Hope you like this post / Article surely it will help you to grow your business in the several weeks share with your friends and earn money.

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