How to Get TLD Domains for Free??

Free domain

we In 21 st century 2020 everyone wants to create his website and Blog to Start making money with his / her passion.

But they face Many Problems in domain selection they have to pay many high charges with taxes when they buy domain from any site.

If you are a beginner and you want a domain name so we suggest you to don’t buy any domain name when you dont know about Web design and Blogging.

Because your Money will be waste you need to Choose Blogger it gives you sub domain to start for free.

In this Article We will talk about These Topics :-

What is Free domain & Which Domain are Free?

Free domain means we don’t have to pay any cost, booking the domain name.

.ML,  .TK,. CF are called as free domain i am clearing your doubt that if you want. com.,. in domain for free so you are unable to purchase that type of premium domain it is also called as VIP Domain.

How to Get VIP domain in Cheap price?

So if you want to build a professional website so you need a Good and Premium domain we will help you to get it in cheap price

Contact:- 8209957286

For .com and .in domain the price of The (.com)  is in just 3$ and (.in)  domain is 2.90$.

 Get Hosting in 0.90$

Advantages & Disadvantages of Freenom domain:-

First we will talk about Advantages of Free domain without Cost.

  • Good for beginners
  • Experience a Domain for free

The free cost domain is best for beginners who don’t have money to buy the a domain name.

If you want to take experience of a domain so you are on the right Path.

Disadvantages of Free domain

  1. Bad For Seo
  2. Not get Adsense approval
  3. Policy Violation

The Without cost domain is bad for seo you need to do more hardwork ,if you buy premium domain you will get  seo ranking for fast.

2. Not Get Adsense approval

Adsense Master guide 2020

After buying a domain Adsense will not serve ads on free domains like such as:- .ml,. tk and more. it is policy violation.

3.  Policy Violation

This not meets policy guidelines and and requirements to book a free domain.

How to Buy a Free Domain?

A website is available for free domain and the name is Freenom . You need to register your account and login.

Now enter your domain name and book your domains, the time will be 1 year duration.

How to Link freenom Domain to Blogger?

After checkout the domain now enter (A)  and add following ip addresses.

  • 216.239. 32.21
  • 216.239. 34.21
  • 216.239. 36.21
  • 216.239. 38.21

In CNAME You have to enter and A Code will be given in blogger setting section when you click on setup a custom domain.

How to Setup freenom domain in wordpress?

You have to do same process in hosting, enter custom domain name and Add hosting name servers in The Custom name servers section.

Now you are ready to Launch your site in wordpress.

Freenom Website established in Netherland Amsterdam., they give domains for free, But you also will get 24/7 hours dedicated support also email and Call support.

Telephone +31 20 531 57 26
Fax                 +31 20 531 57 21

Services In Freenom:-

There are not only one Service available in freenom,  There are 4 more services ,

  1. Free & paid domains
  2. Domain price Chart
  3. WHO IS

you can Buy free and paid domains from freenom.

The domain price chart are available is available in services option.

Freenom says that in next year they will add 10 more TLD:- Top level domains. to give better services to their users.

Final Conclusion How to Get TLD Domains for Free?

How to Get TLD Domains for Free? we’ve cleared all your doubts regarding Without cost domain, We have showed you how to link freenom to blogger, hosting and WordPress.


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