How to deal with corona virus (covid-19)

Coronavirus is spreading quickly all over India. India has the largest number of covid-19 positive cases to date. we should have to careful and alert about the pandemic. Here some tips on how to deal with coronavirus (covid-19)  


 First, we should know about the symptoms of this harmful disease

  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Rashes
  • Breathing difficulty

These are some common symptoms of covid-19. Sometimes you see different and more symptoms in patients’ bodies as new different strains are spreading around.

Can you have covid-19 without fever

 Yes, sometimes a person may be infected with this virus without having fever as a symptom. Some people have only a cold n dry cough and a symptom. If someone having breathing problems or difficulties immediately arrange medical facilities for them or if there are any symptoms after getting positive you will manage your healthcare routine at home isolation.


Make sure to not contact physically with people around you. Obey social distancing.

How to do covid-19 tests 

 For a covid test, you should go nearer hospitals or covid-19 centers where you can do a  medical test for covid-19

Or search  covid-19 testing in Google and you can get a dress of the nearest covid care center and covid hospitals near you.

 How to protect yourself and the people around you

  • Clean your hand
  • Obey social distancing
  • Use mask
  • Don’t touch your eyes and mouth before a handwash
  • If you have a fever or any symptoms of covid-19 do a covid test 


What to do if someone around you is covid positive

Don’t be afraid of people who get positive of this virus, just keep their distance and care for them. doubt spread hate or violence against covid-19 patients. 

We can easily found hospital facilities for covid-19 patients near us just by search  covid-19 hospitals near me in your browser or Google.

Best hospitals in India 

  • Yashoda hospital, Hyderabad

This hospital in Hyderabad is leading super qualities and specialty for healthcare.

  • Medanta hospital,gurugram

In Delhi NCR this hospital providing world-class facilities for patients.

  • Manipal hospital, Bangalore

Manipal hospital in Bangalore is the leading best healthcare service in Bangalore for patients and provides the best services always.

  • Batra Hospital, Delhi

 Batra is leading covid-19 treatment with oxygen and plasma donation service in Delhi .it’s better for covid-19 patients.

We will deal with this desire by uniting humanity and physical social distancing.

Use mask stay safe and help people around you with good heart humanity and obey social distancing to defeat this pandemic.

Here is How to deal with coronavirus (covid-19) stay indoors to keep your family safe.

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