How Amazon Customer Service is Good?

amazon customer service

why Amazon customer service is good There are many, Product selling websites are available on Google such as:- Snapdeal, Flipkart.

These all sites are best for Buying products and it’s good prices But , Everything is not Products and services , There are many things are important for Good ratings Customer service support, Good behavior and More things etc.

In this Topic we will talk about:-

How Amazon Customer service is Good?

Amazon is the world’s number 1 position Online shopping products website, So why it is on 1st position ?

As you all know that Jeffbezoz is the CEO of Amazon, before starting amazon the main focus of jeff bezoz is not sales and Income, The focus of JeffBezoz is Customer satisfaction and Services.

All the decisions in the amazon done by the Customers interest it means! What the customer really wants? 


Amazon Team Manager Says That :-

A employee of amazon says in a survey report that there are dozens of E-commerce website which only focus to make money directly,

they don’t care about how’s the customer support?  & Survey.

They only want to deliver the products directly and collect money,

And the behavior of the workers is very bad but the amazon thinks that “Everything is Goodwill”

What is Main Motto Of Amazon?

The main motto of Amazon Company is World’s most centric Company which provides everything that customers want.

The Amazon CEO jeff bezoz believes that Customer is King, every thing is customer & king never lies., Amazon try’s to Understand the situation and terms of the customer.

Situation in Amazon Helps:-

Amazon helps in every situation such as:- Returning policy, Product Damage or Disappear.

Amazon in Covid-19 :-

As we all know that amazon is Not delivering products due to corona virus Covid-19, but amazon says that:-

They are delivering essential products in Red zone such as:- masks and medicines.

Most of the Products they are delivering in orange and red zones but it is taking longer than Usual.

How to Contact Amazon customer service? 

1. India Mumbai (1) +91 22 6480 2009
2. INDIA PUNE TOLL FREE+91 20 6480 200



When COD Cash on delivery will be Started ?

In this Lockdown not in india all over the world amazon starts, Online payment because To keep social distancing. When all things will be OK then Cash on delivery COD Will be started.


Showing Long delivery Date in amazon

amazon says that they are currently working on delivering products on orange and Green zones & essential red zones, As per state and central government guidelines of India.

Can we Create Returns For products?

Yes customer can create the returns on my orders page in amazon app or website. but returning boy take longer time than it usually takes less than a day in this covid-19 time, it will take upto 10-15 days.

What is Amazon influencer program?

In amazon influencer program you can create your own online store in amazon, It is easy to create a amazon Influencer program and suggest the products you will get rewarded.

Amazon affiliate marketing 

If you want to take Approval of Influencer program amazon it will ask for 4 things, Four social media accounts, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter.

amazon influencer signup

You can see in this image that ,when you connect with youtube you will get instant approval, In facebook it takes upto 5 days,  and Twitter real time approval., In instagram it takes upto 5 days same like Facebook.

After creating A account it will ask for this:-

  1. Your Store name
  2. Store BIO, & Social media
  3. Public Name
  4. Add products


1. Your Store Name

After successfully signin on Influencer program, Ads your name and description also the logo it will be show on when anyone visit your store.

2.  Store BIO @ Social media

Now when you click next it will asks you to add your store social media’s to increase audience and you need to give a attractive bio so, can increase buying chances.

3. Storefront Public Name

now add your store front name will be shown in public and Tagline according to which type of products you are adding in your store.

4. Add products 

Now the amazon will give you store link by clicking on the link you will be able to add your products and start getting rewards and make money.

Final conclusion How Amazon Customer Service is Good?

We ve cleared all your doubts regarding FAQ, Of covid -19 lockdown and peoples facing many problems regarding return policies and payment issues COD has been turned off,. Taking time longer than usual.



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