Google Core Update 2020 || May Explained

There are many peoples and they are using google for better services also google take cares of his users.

In 2020 google have updated many things regarding their policies, contents and many more.

But Now google launches a shocking Update for Blogs and Content writers who are trying to rank their site In google search Rankings.

How to Index page in 24 Hours ?

In today’s post we will talk about Google Core update 2020 Which are currently Rolling Out In may.

What is Google Core Update 2020 ?

The core update of google is regarding the blogs which write the articles, In other words we can say that they launch the policies and terms regarding writing a perfect article.

Why Core Update is Launched ?

Google knows everything about us, what writers are writing, who are trying to get Traffic and many much more.

The main motive to Give the amazing core update is those blog owners their blog is not in search list and they are doing hardwork to get traffic.

What is affilitiate Marketing and Blogging ?

If your Blog is in no.1 in Search rankings so don’t take rest update your blog posts,pages time to time to get more better results.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Core Update 2020 :-

In google core update here we are telling you some advantages and disadvantages:-

Advantages of Google Core Update 2020 || May Explained

Those bloggers they are doing hardwork to get more traffic and improve website authority will get ranking Fast.


There are many blogs already rankes in google’s first page they have over confidence , so now they all will be go down automatically.

What’s In this Core Update?

Google launches this update to improve the article guidelines, and help bloggers to rank their blog and show in the first page of google in 1st or 2nd position.

In this core update google tells many things such as:-

  • Readability
  • Some Tips To Write Articles


Google tells that if you article have longer paragraphs try to make it shorter, Because it can decrease the readability of your article, it happens to difficulty to get more rankings.


According to Google core Update 2020 google also tells if you are writing an article so it needs Seo Optimizing Images, It means search engine optimizing image, Easy to reas images.


After Writing 4 to 5 Paragraphs  give a internal, Featured links in your article, Also you can add related links can increase chances to get more clicks and decrease Bounce Rate.


After telling and explaining about the core Update 2020, we are giving Some tips to write a perfect article, we all know that everyone knows that how to write a perfect article?

After this exciting update everyone wants to know the tips:-

  • Write an Unique Article.
  • Attach Internal Links
  • Give clear and Optimized Images
  • Try to make short paragraphs.
  • Write easy to Read words.
  • Give Final conclusion/ Last words.

If any Competitors are ranked in google so he/she are following these tips, So keep in mind that You need to Follow these tips.

These 2 tips are important to follow that Try to write Easy to read words, means don’t write Thoughest words which are unable to read.

The second is Give final conclusion/Last words what you say? in the article you are writing.

What If My ranking going Drop?

In this core update google will drop all the sites they already ranked for a long time.

So if your sites is available in the list so you will be drop directly to 3rd or 4th position you will loose your traffic.

You need to follow some instructions we ve telled about The core update so you can came back to your same position


In Google there are thousands of niches are available after this update niche’s does not take any effect but it will rank more faster.

Example if you have a blog You are writing articles on a specific Topic Such as:- Blogging, You are every point about the topic so you will rank faster than more websites.

These niches will be rank Faster:-

  1. Travel
  2. Health
  3. Society & People
  4. Animals Information and Pets

You can see further info in this following Image”-

Google Core update 2020 may


We are presenting some Faq’s questions regarding may 2020 content core update by google.

What If your Site Ranked ?

Supppose that if your site will be ranked after this may core update, so don’t take rest keep writing better content, give your best on you site because this update is a life changing update.

How to Start Blogging Like  A Pro 2020

Update your pages and posts time to time to get more response.

Google’s Advice regarding The content :-

  • Write Original Content
  • Content should be satisfy the viewers
  • Your content should be Trustable.

Keep in mind that & Follow these instructions before writing a article.

LAST WORDS ABOUT Google Core Update 2020 || May Explained 

If you face any problems regarding this Update you can feel free to Comment Below .Or either You can Contact Us.

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