Get More Views in Youtube channel 2020

More views in YouTube channel

There are many ways to increase subscribers and watching hours in YouTube Channel.

Many websites and youtubers tell their own ways to increase ranking in YouTube.

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But as you all Know Google Change their policies Every month, Regarding rankings, Views and Subscribers.

The biggest change in youtube policies that was you have to complete 1000 Subscribers and 4K Hours Watch time.

That was so difficult to complete But now the Population is increasing to watch videos,

Now The Creator is enabling their monetization in just 5 to 6 months.

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Now it’s time to check the tips to gain more views in your YouTube Videos.


Get More Views in Youtube channel Explained!!

First You must know that How to Create Thumbnails and How to do best editing to make videos.

There are a lot of editing apps are available in play store, but if you have PC so we suggest you to Choose Filmora, Adobe and more..

If you have android phone we suggest you to choose Kinemaster, Filmora, Adobe premiere rush and more..

But thumbnails, Editing are not Latest tips, also the Tags, title, description are old tips.

New Latest Tips || Increase Views

The Latest Tips Including These 🙂

  1. Audience Report
  2. From where Views are coming?
  3. Analytics and Interactive Content


So here are the three tips to improve your YouTube views and gain more audience.

1. Audience Report 

So it is important to check the audience report of your youtube channel per week.

It will help you to know about which videos is ranking? which type of videos your subscribers are liking?

It will show you the full data of increasing and decreasing Views More than 28 days, to 365 Days.

2. From Where Views Are Coming? 

In the YT studio Or Youtube You caj check from which social media’s Views are coming.

And it is necessary to share your videos in Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram to increase audience rather than past.

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After knowing which social media is Helping to Make your audience so try to share more videos on it.

Analytics & Interactive Content

In YT studio Application there are two tabs are available “-

  • Analytics
  • Interactive Content

In analytics option you will see your last 48 hours views in videos and watch time,  Subscribers and more.

In Interactive Content You can see your cards, The cards means “i” Button which are seen in top of your videos.

It will help to see you how much cards are clicked by Visitors.

Also it will tell you recommend search terms that what people are searching?


  • Using Your community tab will help you to get more closer with your audience.
  • Start building your more visitors With Premiere.
  • Change people’s life by making educational and motivational Videos.
  • Visit Creator Academy Start course
  • Give a attractive Voice.
  • Before making or editing any Video start planning about the script first.


Increase more views in your YouTube channel

  • Try to get more audience from foreign countries.
  • Live stream is necessary to do in 2-3 Times in a month.
  • If you are making a video more than 10 minutes long, don’t forget to put enroll ads.
  • Earn money from Super Chat.
  • Tell subscribers to buy membership from your Channel.


So here are the best tips to Increase revenue , Views and subscribers from your Channel.

The most important point is editing because if your video’s Is easy to understand people will subscribe you.

Don’t forget to share these tips with your creator friends.

Get More Views in Youtube channel

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