Corona VIRUS update of most infected states in india



Now India has the largest number of  covid-19 infected patients. In India, the infection is spreading very fast.

Here is the update of most infected states of India.

Corona VIRUS update of most infected states in india


State Maharashtra reported the highest number of active coronavirus (COVID-19) cases of over 8,72,760cases ,48,000 new cases as of May 4 2021. According to the report, in maharashtra 70,851 deaths have occurred due to covid-19 from last year .

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After Maharashtra ,state Kerala has the maximum number of covid-19 positive cases . Total 1.66M cases are recorded till date with 26,011 new cases of corona.  According to the report , in Kerala  5495 total deaths have occurred due to pandemic and 1.31M People got recovered from this virus.

A huge number of covid-19 cases found in state Karnataka a total death of  16,450  due to covid-19 has been recorded in a health report. Total cases in this state is 1.65M . The healthcare report of JHU  case covid data says  that total recovery number of this state is  1.19M

Uttarpradesh reported  1.3M covid-19 cases , when  1.04M were recovered till date and  13,632 deaths occurred due to covid-19.

Delhi reported  total 1.21M cases of covid-19 with  18.000 new cases 

And a total death of  222k. Reported due to covid-19.

Rajasthan reported 651k covid-19 positive cases with 17552 new cases as of 4 may 2021 during this pandemic ,with 452k recovered cases and a total death of 4868.

Most of the states are trying to keep there people safe and secure, Stay indoors.

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