Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Divorce Why this Relationship is ended?

The Founder of one of the most successful companies Bill Gates announced in a Tweet that a relationship between is going to end now.

But Why? what’s the actual purpose of ending a relationship like this?

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Divorce Why this Relationship is ended?


Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Divorce

Not only Indian Youths most of the youths follow bill gates because of their mind and their techniques of doing works.

In Twitter, bill gates don’t explain the actual reason for ending the relationship between Melinda Gates.

Melinda French Gates and Bill gates divorced with each other

Age of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates

Bill gates Are 65 years old, According to in 1955, and Melinda gates born in 1964 so now she is 56 years old.

What Bill Gates Tweeted?

Bill gates tweeted that After 27 Years old we are ending our marriage, we have an incredible 3 Childs, they built a foundation that works for people but we continue to share a belief in that mission.

But we no longer believe that we can grow our marriage we are giving space with each other for our privacy and families.

Regarding Melinda Gates and Bill Gates.

People are saying that We don’t pass comments on your divorce because it’s your personal life and your own decision.

Their children are recently turned 18, in the court of settle according to the guidelines for giving divorce to each other, they submit a file and apply to approve this file because they don’t want to live as a couple anymore.

About Gates Foundation

Before thinking about the divorce they both are working well on Gates Foundation to help people in Novel Corona Virus, not only corona they try to give the best educational and medical support.

In United States (US) The foundation is helping more and more people, giving vaccines providing PPE kits, also in India, After hearing the lack of oxygen in India they are trying to provide oxygen to help the nation.

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