Adsense Master Guide 2020 Explained

Adsense Master guide

If you are using Google Adsense, You are not getting approval on your site and don’t know how to do safely earnings through adsense in 2020.

In this 2020 Adsense Master guide we will clear all your doubts regarding Adsense account problem you have faced.

Adsense Master Guide 2020

  1. Adsense Approval
  2. Earn More Money
  3. Ad Limit problem
  4. Account disabled
  5. Safely Earnings

First We will clear All your Doubts regarding this Topic every Adsense user has one of these problems so, One by one we will explain all these things.

Google Adsense guide

So let’s get begin,

1. Google Adsense approval

One of the most facing problem is Adsense Approval it takes too much time to get Adsense approval in One time, so follow these instructions to get approval instantly within 24 Hours.

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  • URL Indexing
  • Improve Content
  • Traffic matters
  • Website
URL Indexing 

Indexing Your Url on Google Search console, So google can easily find your site in rankings.

Improve Content

if you have a site and you are writing post and contents, you need to improve it, If you are writing articles so write more than 1000 Words.

Apply beautiful themes and improve the looking of your site.

Traffic Matters

In previous time when our site is gone for review so traffic doesn’t matters but in now 2020 adsense requires some traffic.  The minimum visitors from 500-1000 Organic Traffic.


Let me clear a big doubt regarding adsense, now Adsense is not giving approval on blogger it is giving on wordpress on Business websites have a BLOG Button in Menu.

Now please don’t make Blogs and write articles because this trick doesn’t work in this time. or if you are submitting your site in this May 2020 google will not approve your site due to COVID-19.


2. Earn More Money

In countries like Pakistan,India Bangladesh Adsense give 0.1$ CPC , Or in countries like:- United States, Canada, Germany they give More than 0.50$ per click. because in big countries advertisers pay high rate advertisement.

If you want to earn more money So you need to write posts on those topics which cpc is more than 0.30$ Such as:- Loans, Gold Silver jewelleries , In these topics google will pay you High CPC.

Try to write more words provide detailed information about the topic you are writing.

3. Ad limit Problem

when your Adsense account is ready to serve ads after some days all are going properly but now a big problem come the name is ” Ad limit served on your account ” It means your ads has been stopped and it takes more than a month to show ads on your site.

How to Fix Ad limit problem Adsense?

To remove ad limit on your account you only have to write more content daily, minimum 3-5 Articles per day and drive traffic organically , not from social media, and place auto ads code on your site, In some time Your ads will be shown on your site.

4. Account disabled

“Your account has been disabled due to invalid activities” when we see this message our heart beat runs fast,  our all hardwork has been deleted. we have loose our earnings,.

You have to show minimum number of ads on your site or posts some users show unlimited ads so their account has been disabled. You can run auto ads to prevent account disable.

5. Safely Earnings

In our previous points we ve talked about account disabled,  you have to show less and good ads on your page, Or Check your Adsense page views, impressions, CTR Etc.  to safe your account. don’t view and check your website ads in same device in which the adsense is logged in.

What is CTR?

CTR means Click through rate. ir should be lesser than 5% in google adsense account.

It means No. of users who view the page or ads are known as click through Rate.

Why Most Of the Publishers Choose Adsense?

Because we are Using Android which is powered by google, using google play store, software all are made by google.

Google takes guarantee of our security and Data. and it pays more than other publisher programmes and the CPC is also High it shows good ads not 18+ Ads so most of the Publisher choose Google Adsense publisher programme.

How To Find High CPC Keywords?

We all need high cpc to increase our earnings, we do many mistakes so our CPC runs low.

It is compulsory to add keywords to gain your CPC the best Two keyword suggester tools we are telling you to increase CPC.

  1. Semrush
  2. Ahrefs

Semrush and Ahrefs are the two. major ideas and keyword finder and they are best for Adsense they can check competitors backlinks,keywords ,DA, PA How to beat them?

Final Conclusion Master Guide Adsense 2020

We’ve talked about all things regarding google publisher programmes, Follow these steps and instructions you Can earn more from your account lifetime.

Have any problems or Suggestions? Comment below share with your friends.

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