5 best PUBG Like games offline under 400 MB

PUBG like games is very good at graphics and animation. All youth finds this game very amazing. 

The limitation of PUBG likes games is they are not giving any offline play and PUBG like games is using huge data.

In this article, we have come up with the 5 best PUBG like games that are fully offline. Most of the youth data is get exhausted because of playing various online games like PUBG.

Now, Guys, You don’t have to worry about anything because in this article you will get the 5 best PUBG like games offline under 400 MB will be saved your data and it will not exhaust data. 

mobile is a very famous game in the whole world. Youth finds the very amazing 

1. Free Survival: Fire battlegrounds

Free survival: fire battlegrounds are the ultimate survival shooter game for your mobile. The best single-player battle royale games with strategic play, amazing graphics, and diverse joyful experience DOWNLOAD IT and enjoy a unique mobile gaming experience.

You have never seen so realistic gun games: pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns… feel like a real frontline commando in the survival battleground!

Get your knives out, step into the battlegrounds, and experience the journey of a real survival shooter on the battlefields. Explore beautiful environments of the fire battlegrounds. Download game 

2. Commando Strike

A new shooting game addition in the genre of commando mission shooting games or offline shooting games. This commando mission game takes you to a next level of the gun shooting world. Tired of playing those old gun shooting games and want to play a new shooting game? Then play commando mission game which has the best fps shooting games experience mixed with best action games experience, unlike any other fps shooting game. Be the ultimate elite fps shooter in this offline gun shooting game, where you take the role of commando and have some gun shooting. Download now

3. Cover Fire

 A New 3d FPS Shooter experience. Join the resistance and command like a professional sniper. Take action and survive on the frontline. Shoot to kill in special ops and survive in this 3d sniper shooting game. 

 HD Graphics with destructible battlegrounds. Shoot over a train, shooting missions on helicopters, control drones, etc Download now

4. Scarfall- The Royal Combat

ScarFall: The Royale Combat is an Associate in Nursing Indian survival game developed by Surat-based play and IT service supplier, XSQUADS school LLP. It supports online and offline gameplay wherever players fight to become the last player standing. Otherwise referred to as battle royale, ScarFall pits forty-eight players against one another on varied maps. you’ll be able to favor to play as a single-player or play in groups of two or four.

You can play this game in three modes: Classic, Survival, and Team Death Match.” you’ll be able to produce your non-public server or be a part of a public one. These matches will last many minutes. for brief matches, you’ll be able to alter Arcade mode. it’s three tiny maps specifically Snowdusts, Boneyard, Arsenal. Download now

5. Battleground’s Survivor

Battleground’s Survivor: Battle Royale is a first-person action game that’s been inspired by the amazing Playerunknown Battlegrounds that challenges you to face several other players inside an island full of weapons. Only one of you can make it out alive.

Gameplay in Battleground’s Survivor: Battle Royale is also very similar to that in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. The players start by flying over the island and jumping off with a parachute. During the first seconds, your only objective is to locate a point of interest in the island where you can land and quickly arm yourself. Otherwise, another player will probably get rid of you in a matter of seconds.

These 5 best Pubg like games offline will help you to explore multiple games on the same platform.

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