11 tips to avoid unemployment in the corona period.

We have started in 2 reports


If we according to the CMIE report, by April 20,14 crore people will be lost and if we according to CII report then by the 15 Mai 30 crore people will be lost.

11 tips to avoid unemployment in the corona period After effects of job loss

1 Income loss = There are 3 types of income loss

  •  He has lost his savings
  • Loan he has lost his income the loan will not be available from any where
  • Damage of credit rating if he did not get the loan frim anywhere so he has also lost damage of credit rating.

2 Benifit loss

He also suffered a benefit loss and lost his retirement. With this ESU PF, he could get free treatmentIf I used to work in a big company, then I was also lost in such a thing. Just like Jym reimbursment tuition reimbursment of insurance.

3 loss of carrer

The biggest thing is that he also has a loss of career like his job is of a educated person, he gets missed and he is not getting a job anywhere. For a long time, he shows in the resume that I have been sitting empty for a long time.So it has a very bad effect on this thing like he has to join the job on low salary or change the industies

4 physical & emotional health loss

He also has an impact on health and emotion with this thing. He gets depression and also has a very bad effect on family relations.

5 Broken families

You can also give unemployment as a good reason. We become divors and when divorced, young children enter the field of crime. For example, even children below the age of 14 start stealing. Because no one can show them the right direction

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Stay motivated after job loss

I have take care of Physical health. We have helped of emotions. So we take off the physically healthy we have do us exercise physical activities for avoid sitting idel, control ,eating habit

Tips of employees to preventally off

we have done from work at home on this topic have need to take seriously this time work at home cannot mean is enjoy at home this time


like message from senior NETWORK FROM TOP LEADERSHIP Discuss . How to increace a company income Discuss about work and Worries about work this time is very important. Don’t ignore company message. We have not ignore company message and not giving reply delay

2 Involve in operation

We have seen the market what is best contact at this time? We have read all positive ideas.Some people how to run business at home we have learn in all about this topic.

3 Skill building online courses

We have skill build of online course.


We have connect all about people of lead to our work.

5 Try to make job succesful

Any right method to make job in successful

6 work hard

All time doing hard work

7 Be on time

You arrived on time at this time

8 Horizontal coalition

This is a very important topic will pay attention. What is horizontal cocelation Horizontal coalition is make relation on uper post and junior post but do not pay attention same post workers

9 Be flexible

Do not say it is not my job at this time. not my business. You have to understand the power of responsibility. Hanuman ji did not say that I will not go and bring mountains. For Sanjeevani Booti Laxman ji because my work was in Operation Polo in Sri Lanka.Do the work that has been given, do not refuse any work, it is time to become Hanuman

10 Don’t complain

Don’t complain more work

11 offer to help

Ready to help all the time

Final conclusion about 11 tips to avoid unemployment in the corona period ;

these 11 tips will abosoluteley help you to decrease unemployment in this lockdown period , india is in emergency due to covid-19, so stqay home stay safe.

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